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    Received four postcards in the mail for class action settlements against a variety of car rental companies.

    Welcome to the home page of the Airport Concession Fee (ACF) and Tourism Commission Assessment (TCA) settlement.

    If you rented a vehicle directly from corporate-owned locations of Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Fox Rent a Car, Hertz, National or Thrifty for pick up at a California airport location from January 1, 2007 through November 14, 2007, and were charged and paid an ACF and/or TCA as a separate line item on their invoice, you may be entitled to benefits under a class action settlement.

    If you are entitled to benefits under this settlement, you can elect to receive one of the options below based on the total number of days you rented one or more vehicles:

    1. $2 for each day the vehicles were rented ($5 minimum payment); or
    2. If the vehicles were rented for less than 8 days, one voucher good for free time and mileage for one rental day; or
    3. If the vehicles were rented for 8 or more days, either
      1. Two vouchers good for free time and mileage for one rental day; or
      2. One voucher good for free time and mileage for two rental days.
    You can file a Claim Form via this website by clicking here or you can request a Claim Form over the phone by calling the ACF/TCA Settlement Administrator at 1-888-758-5690.
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    First card netted me (or my wife, actually) a choice of either $18 in cash or two free rental days. I chose "One voucher good for free time and mileage for two rental days". Haven't tried the other cards yet.
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    Can't they just be paid in car rental vouchers?

    Voucher T&Cs:
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    I got mine postcard today and filled out the form. It was very easy to do. I asked for a free one day rental. Hope to see it in 2013, if I am lucky.
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    I did alot of car rentals in 2007. There was a very nice coupon coupled with low base rates at my local airport (LGB) at that time. No $10 contract fee like now. Alot of my 2 day weekend Hertz rentals were under $20 all in and a few were close to free. Coupled with 1700 BMI miles, that made me a very happy camper.:)

    So for 2007, I had 64 days with Hertz so I picked $128 for my option. I had a couple of Alamo days so I picked the voucher as it was worth more.

    When we will see the money, that will be a different matter. I haven't seen anything from the class action suits that came across my way.

    The lawyers in the class action lawsuits take almost all the allotted money. :(
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    Got our vouchers today. 2x2 days with Herz, one day with Avis, one day with Dollar.

    Wonder how many of the lucky recipients died in the time between filling out the claims form and receiving the vouchers.

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