Alaska or Delta Mileage run out of SEA or PDX ???

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  1. c43279 Member

    Have some free time coming up and want to do a couple runs out of SEA or PDX on Alaska or Delta...
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    Welcome to MP.

    airfare watchdog or fare compare will probably good sites to use for searching fares.

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    dgreen12 Silver Member


    Are you looking for miles on DL or AS?
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    Delta is where most of my miles have been at... .....just moved here and am starting to use AS quite a bit for business to the smaller western cities...I gotta tell ya....I am starting to really love AS/QX....
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    AS doesn't offer huge sales unless someone else is forcing the issue --- WN sales tend to trigger an AS match (but DL will match the WN sales also).

    I'd also set up some searches on Kayak for various dates when you might be available. AS has competition between certain city pairs out of SEA --- research those (I'm in GEG otherwise I'd suggest some) and then set up Kayak searches during your open times and see what happens.

    I agree with the comments etc.
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  3. c43279 Member

    Thanks for the info....I appreciate it...... :)

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