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AMEX Issue

Discussion in 'AwardWallet' started by Steven Schwartz, Nov 4, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. Steven Schwartz
    • Original Member

    Steven Schwartz Silver Member

    For the last week, when I sign on and go first to my totals, the gross number is wrong. I look up and see that my AMEX MR points say NA. When I refresh them, they show up and all is well, until the next time!

    Is this a bug or my problem? As always, thanks.
  2. youpaiyou

    youpaiyou Silver Member

    It works fine for me.
  3. LauraPDX

    LauraPDX Silver Member

    email the award wallet folks, I have had nothing but prompt replies and fixes from them with little things that have cropped up the last couple of years. Someone always seems to be on the job there. Good luck.
  4. Steven Schwartz
    • Original Member

    Steven Schwartz Silver Member

    Thanks. Did just that and Alex got back to me within minutes. Third one to bring it to his attention - they're working on it.

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