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An Introduction to AutoSlash.com

Discussion in 'AutoSlash' started by AutoSlash, Feb 20, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. mtlfire

    mtlfire Gold Member

    Is there a problem with having multiple reservations with autoslash for the same dates, but with different car types? And then as you get closer to the reservation date simply cancelling one or the other?

    I ask because typically I rent full size -- but I notice convertibles are only about 5$ more for the dates I'm checking. I'm thinking that the full size are likely priced a little high and will drop more, but if they don't ... I'd just as well keep the convertible. So I was thinking of making a reservation for both to follow the prices.
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  2. AutoSlash

    AutoSlash Z Representative

    Hi, not sure what happened here, but if we weren't able to get you the lowest possible rate, then we're not meeting our own standards. Apologies for that. We do check pricing multiple times a day, so we should have caught any drops. Can you please PM me your Trip ID or email to support<at>autoslash.com so we can investigate? Also in the future, if you feel we missed something, email us when it happens. Hopefully this will help us to improve our systems, and we may be able to do even better than you've found.
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  3. AutoSlash

    AutoSlash Z Representative

    It's not really a problem. Some people take this to the extreme though by booking lots of different vehicles with multiple companies which we really discourage. If however it's just 2-3 reservations for the same rental that's fine.

    We do however check higher car classes and other companies for better rates automatically, but in the case you mentioned, it makes sense since we wouldn't typically be checking convertibles for customers who book a full-size.
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  4. miles and smiles
    • Original Member

    miles and smiles Gold Member

    Very helpful to know for the future. Thanks!
  5. mtlfire

    mtlfire Gold Member

    Thanks. I tend to stick to Hertz, so both would be with the same company.
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  6. lili
    • Original Member

    lili Gold Member

    I've been happy with several rentals through AutoSlash.

    Yesterday I got this email:
    "You were originally booked at $297.08, and the price has now dropped to $119.43. We've automatically re-booked your rental at the lower rate. You've saved $177.65 without even lifting a finger!"
    Now I'm even happier! :)
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  7. craz
    • Original Member

    craz Silver Member

    I get them also just not for that kind of savings, but my rentals if midweek are for 1 or 2 days, or over a weekend so I cant expect to see such savings.

    Im not surprised when I get the email, if anything sometimes I think ASs computer is a sleep since I found the rate to have dropped on my own and didnt get an email yet.I guess old habits die slowly and Im used to checking my rentals on a daily or twice daily basis for yrs to make sure the rate didnt drop with whomever I booked or that another company isnt cheaper now

    but AS is great for those out there who never would keep rechecking
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  8. Sean Colahan
    • Original Member

    Sean Colahan Gold Member

    Just want to say that I saved over 50% from my original car booking with Hertz from the constant reduction that AutoSlash was able to get for me during my trip to the Sundance Film Fest. YOU ROCK!!!
  9. craz
    • Original Member

    craz Silver Member

    was surprised that I couldnt make a res for a local location and only the airport came up. Speaking about HNL, wanted a car for 1 day next week and by picking it up in the morn and returning when they close get out of having to pay any parking lot. Obviously not wanting it the day I land

    besides a bunch of Enterprises I know Hertz and Budget have local places in Wakiki, too much of a hassle to go the the airport. Is this all over or just HNL?
  10. ChapeauMill

    ChapeauMill New Member

    I'm 20, and the Hertz office in my town will let me rent a car and let me pay the 25+ rate because I have USAA. When I get to the "reserve" screen on AutoSlash it says I have to 25 or older. I'm confused. Can I use the service or not?
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  11. AutoSlash

    AutoSlash Z Representative

    Please ignore the 25 or older text. It's boilerplate from the booking system we use and can't be easily changed. Renting with us is like renting direct with Hertz. The same rules apply, so you needn't worry. If you have the USAA CDP applied, you can rent without the underage fee. Sorry for any confusion.
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  12. dhammer53
    • Original Member

    dhammer53 Gold Member


    Does Autoslash cancel the old higher cost reservation, after changing the reservation to a new lower cost rental company?

    You have a PM.
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  13. AutoSlash

    AutoSlash Z Representative

    It appears as a modification in our system, and you get a modification email with a new confirmation number, but yes, what is happening on the car rental company side is that the old reservation is cancelled and a new one is generated.
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  14. Tivoboy
    • Original Member

    Tivoboy Milepoint Guide

    Well, this one fell through. Today was the day of travel, for the above reservation a weekend (four days) for the 65$ all in that AS had found. Actually, last week I found the same thing no hassle for 63$, but it simply wasn't worth rebooking. BUT, this morning (day of travel) I went in to check and the hertz rate AAA was actually MUCH lower. 44$ all in for the four days..same car, same location, same agency. Had to rebook and sadly, had to cancel the AS booking. I wonder if there shouldn't be some trigger/algo that would recheck again on day of or day before travel. That is often when a rate WILL go lower if/when the locations have surplus cars. Which I imagine hertz did if they were willing to book it for what, 30% less?

    I'm still holding the PBI reservation for next week which HAS dropped a couple bucks in the past few weeks, we'll see how that one goes.
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  15. craz
    • Original Member

    craz Silver Member

    I find that a res I make with Alamo if they were the cheapest (not always the case) will usually end up being the cheapest. Most of the reses that I end up not CXing with AS I had to call their attention to the cheaper rate. As long as it wont be any more expensive going via AS, I figure let them make a few bucks that way they will be around and there will be times Im sure when they will beable to get me the cheapest rate on their own
  16. AutoSlash

    AutoSlash Z Representative

    That's exactly right. ;) Same thing with us. We've found that a threshold of about $5 is the best compromise between annoying people with too many price-drop emails (and, consequently, confirmation number changes) but still making the service have as much value as possible.

    We're glad you found a better rate--truly, we are! We don't fault you for that at all! :) Note that currently, we only search publicly-available discount codes that members of the general public can legitimately use without needing any special memberships. We got in hot water in the early days by using AAA and other members-only codes, and it's one of the reasons that the Enterprise Holdings and Avis Budget groups of companies blocked us from showing their rates. We've since corrected that mistake. :)

    However, it's definitely on the horizon for us to create some sort of profile-based system where you can indicate which membership organizations you belong to and we'll search those codes too. Those codes can admittedly be very good (although they're not always the best, so check others!), but right now, we can't apply them without making the rental agencies mad (or potentially having some very unhappy customers if they can't produce a membership ID at the rental counter). :(

    If you'd like to help support AutoSlash when using a membership code, you can book with your own discount code on the AutoSlash homepage. Just click the "More OptionsCar Types, Companies, & Discounts" link below the drop-off date and then check the box for "Enter a Discount Code or your Frequent Renter ID." The bonus of this method is that we'll still track your reservation for price drops! We'll also look for other discount codes that may be better than the one you supplied, but we're a little less aggressive with switching discount codes if you put your own in (since you could be relying on a benefit associated with that code, such as a free additional driver, included coverage, or something else).

    We actually do continue to run price-checks up until you're scheduled to pick up, but we do have some logic in the system to prevent absolute-last-minute price changes. The main reason is that due to the back-end booking engine we use, reservation modifications result in one reservation being canceled and a new confirmation being generated. That means that if someone shows up at a rental counter and presents a specific confirmation number from a two-day-old email, if we've dropped that person's price, the rental agent will tell the customer that their reservation was canceled. That's happened to a few of our customers who apparently don't have smartphones and push-email like most MilePointers do ;). (Hint: if that ever happens to you, be sure to ask the rental agent to look up any active reservations under your name--they'll probably find a new, lower-priced reservation in their system. :D

    Industry sources have indicated that the automated price checks that rental agencies use to monitor their competition's prices and adjust their own rates typically don't run on the day of pick-up. Prices can change, of course, but they're usually manually-initiated by the revenue managers and so don't change quite as quickly. You are right, though, that the last few days before pick-up can be competitive, and we're working on balancing the need for last-minute confirmation number stability with last-minute savings. If any of you have ideas about how to best handle this or other issues, we are always happy to receive them...that's one of the main reasons we hang around here! (Well, that, and you guys are also great to hang around with...as well as a very competent, critical crowd like no other that helps us really refine our service ;).)

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes. :)

    Oh, hey, we almost forgot to mention: Check out the New York Times' review of AutoSlash posted yesterday: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/18/y...s-rental-car-companies-squirm-your-money.html :cool:

    We think it's pretty well on-the-money...no pun intended! :D
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  17. craz
    • Original Member

    craz Silver Member

    picked up my car from Advantage yesterday and they were none to happy, the guy kept saying if I continue to constantly cancel my res I wont be able to rent with them again. I said no problem just post the lowest rate the 1st time and leave it, besides can you please tell me how many open reses there are. Of cause just 1 so its none of their biz, he also didnt like that I had the exact same rate booked straight with them yet ended up cxing that and booked with an agent. They were completely out of cars and my 3 days was $60ai and of cause I denied All extras. Yet they were selling alot of the extras to those who were in front of me

    I just smiled and took the keys and walked away
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  18. lucky1

    lucky1 Silver Member

    hi autoslash I'm actually having a hard time using your site from my Samsung vibrant, maybe its because I'm overseas now,
    but I really would love to use it,since I'm on the road all the time with car rentals,
    how about considering a android app ?
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  19. schnitzel
    • Original Member

    schnitzel Gold Member

    I'm trying to reserve a car with AutoSlash - second reservation, first one seems to be successful.

    My issue is, I'm picking up in the Netherlands, and returning in Germany. But I'm only getting Hertz and Europcar as my choices. I thought you worked with Sixt also, and I think I can get a better match on car/price with them.

    I guess I can always reserve with them and then have you watch the reservation for me, but I'd rather do it all through you, if possible.
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  20. schnitzel
    • Original Member

    schnitzel Gold Member

    By the way, there seems to be some problem with the email address that Autoslash is using.

    Gmail (home to most of my email accounts) has been putting a lot of my Autoslash emails in my Spam folder. Turns out, Gmail thinks that the sender isn't Autoslash. I don't have the exact wording, but Gmail says there's a mismatch in a big red bar at the top of each message I unearth in spam.

    Considering that email is the prime tool for communication with Autoslash once a reservation is in place, I thought you might want to check into this, and, for us users, if you use Gmail, find an Autoslash email and add them to your contact list in order to have a better chance of actually receiving the email.
  21. dhammer53
    • Original Member

    dhammer53 Gold Member

    I booked a rental at LAX earlier in the week. I've received 2 updates from AS. My rental has gone from $82 down to $68. I must be targeted by them because they know I'm going to post (boast) to this thread. :D
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  22. craz
    • Original Member

    craz Silver Member

    Wish I could say the same I CXed my AS res for this Thurs alittle while ago for my LAX rental. They got it down to $56 alittle over a week ago , while I was holding Alamo for $45, theirs was for an Economy while my was a Compact. tonight I rechecked and Alamo is now down to $40. So a savings of $16 over AS and a larger car

    Yes it I who booked Economy with AS since it was the cheapest offered. So if I wasnt still checking on my own Id be out $16. that might not be alot but its far better remaining in my pocket then to be in Dollars

    So out of last 6 rentals 2 went via AS but I also had it for the same rate so no savings, but figured since its no skin off my back why not let them make whatever they do. The other 4 I ended up beating AS by over $10 avg per rental. Since time is 1 thing I have I can afford to keep checking, heck my Hotel with a AAA for tomorrow night went down from $103 to $95 , had I simply not checked once I booked it that would have been $10+ out the door. To a person who may do 1 or 2 trips a year I could sort of understand that they wont need to get it down to as little as possible. But Ive done just under 60k BIS so far and each trip if I can save $20 here and $20 there it adds up at the end of the year
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  23. dhammer53
    • Original Member

    dhammer53 Gold Member

    Now down to $61.36.
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  24. nickfromct

    nickfromct Silver Member

    We're renting a SUV for 12 days on Kauai. Started Autoslashing about 2 months ago. Original cost for the rental was $1211.16. Now we are down to $695.46. More importantly, the rental cost is on par with what's being offered on Hotwire and carrentals.com as we still have 2 weeks before we go.
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  25. schnitzel
    • Original Member

    schnitzel Gold Member

    As impressive as that is, if it was previously twice the price at the other websites, why did you bother with Autoslash?

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