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Big Upgrade Mess!

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by NYCUA1K, Mar 8, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    Before UA and CO merged officially on 03/03/12 I had 5 GPUs and 5 RPUs. Yesterday, I called the new UA reservation desk to sponsor two ONE-WAY upgrades using RPUs:

    (1) LGA-IAH-PDX

    Whereas sponsored upgrade (1) was applied without a hitch, sponsored upgrade (2) has been a huge headache. Yesterday, the agent failed to apply the RPU and asked me to call again tomorrow (i.e. today). I called earlier today and I was put on hold for over an hour before the agent came back to tell me that the CLT-IAD segment cannot be upgraded because it is a codeshare, although it is shown as operated by United Express. Since she said that the IAD-SFO-OGG segment was upgradable, I agreed to have the RPU applied, and I thought that was it. I then logged into my account to check my RPU inventory and was shocked to discover that I was not only down to 3 RPUs but also down to 3 GPUs (from 5)! Flabbergasted, I called UA again to find out why it took 2 GPUs and 1 RPU to upgrade a single itinerary (2). According to the agent, there has been a change in UG rules. It now requires a GPU to upgrade flights to Hawaii!!! Clearly, this was a mess due to the merger, where BusinessFirst flights were being confused for standard region 1 flights! I told the agent that the whole thing sounded ridiculous because the last time I checked, Hawaii was still part of Region 1, and there was nothing that indicated that a GPU was required for an upgrade to Hawaii !!! She then put me on hold yet again to check some more, and after another 60 min, with intermittent messages to let me know that the supervisor and IT were working on finding out what the problem may be, I was told that the whole upgrade system appears to have broken down and that I needed to call 1K desk tomorrow because they closed early today after being overwhelmed with similar UG problems.

    Has anyone out there experienced anything like this?
  2. mht_flyer
    • Original Member

    mht_flyer Gold Member

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  3. AZjohn

    AZjohn Silver Member

    Boy, sounds like this week to do anything over the phone is a PITA. Did you even try to do this UG on the web site? Just haven't heard anyione trying this yet but I did read WA post on how do do this.
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  4. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    Unfortunately, there is no "self-serve" way to apply a sponsored upgrade to a PNR...
  5. genemk2

    genemk2 Gold Member

    I think there is. If you are the person sponsoring the upgrade, you just need to pull up the sponoree's reservation by using the "Find my current reservation by confirmation number" and last name, then you can click "Upgrade" and apply one of your own instruments.
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  6. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    Maybe this was a PMCO feature that did not transfer. It is possible to bring up someone else's itinerary by entering the PNR and their last name, but the message "online upgrade not available" is shown for each segment when you select "Redeem Upgrade"...

    It would be a big security hole to let anyone modify anyone else's reservation, methinks...
  7. Hartmann
    • Original Member

    Hartmann Gold Member

    Are you logged in to your MP account when you enter the PNR? You should be able to upgrade it that way.

    No real security risk since you have to give someone your PNR. I've had a few MPers upgrade me this way.
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  8. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    I am now looking at an old ORD-HKG BP. It shows my last name and PNR. Suppose I just lose it as I had done before? Anyone would be able to pick it up and alter it as they wish, hence the Big Security Hole. Moreover, one may not be that well acquainted with the person sponsoring the upgrade (e.g., someone you have met only virtually on MP)...how confident would you be that providing your last name and PNR won't be abused?

    To answer your question: I was logged into my new UA account, entered the PNR and the name of the person I want to sponsor the upgrade for and for every segment of the itinerary I got: "[Yellow diamond with exclamation mark] online upgrade not available." So, unless this is a glitch, it seems that the system does not allow it.

    I should add that before doing a sponsored upgrade prior to the merger, I had called UA CSR and asked if I could do it myself; the response was that I'd have to call...
  9. Hartmann
    • Original Member

    Hartmann Gold Member

    Just about every website has the "View Reservation" using the confirmation # and last name (US, LH, LX, AC, WN, even old UA etc.).
  10. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    Again: I did not say that I could not view the reservation. I can view it just fine but it shows ALL the segments (CLT-IAD-SFO-OGG) as unavailable for ONLINE upgrade, which would be the smart thing to do because one's PNR and last name can be obtained from any BP and be abused.


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  11. AZjohn

    AZjohn Silver Member

    I hope they get this fixed soon
  12. Wandering Aramean
    • Original Member

    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    It is most likely something else wrong in the reservation that is prohibiting the application of upgrades online. The ability to upgrade someone else via the name and PNR is not a major security hole and has existed for a long time across many carriers as pointed out above. Armed with this information you can do such nefarious things as change seat assignments. Crazy, huh?
  13. Hartmann
    • Original Member

    Hartmann Gold Member

    From your screenshot it looks like you can use miles to upgrade... Is that the case? If you scroll down will it let you upgrade the itinerary for 20k miles?

    If so, how is that any different than using a GPU?

    To me, it looks like this is a bug where an old UA SWU for some reason can't be applied to a merged UA itinerary (after 3/3).
  14. Hartmann
    • Original Member

    Hartmann Gold Member

    There are other MilePoint folks pointing out that they are unable to add their SWUs to reservations online either (their own reservations).
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  15. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    I was told yesterday that the 1K desk was flooded with so many upgrade issues that they had to call it quit early...

    I do hope that they will find a better way to enable automatic sponsoring of upgrades because allowing anyone to alter reservations that are accessible by simply entering information that can be found on a BP is simply a recipe for disaster...
  16. genemk2

    genemk2 Gold Member

    Don't leave your BP lying around. Solved.

  17. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    I promise to abandon that awful habit...:D
  18. AZjohn

    AZjohn Silver Member

    Oh Boy, I thought this issue was all cleared up by now, but guess what.....

    Just booked a RT with all R availability online. I went to UG one half of the trip with my last SWU on line while I gave my sponsor the info to UG the return. I couldn't find anywhere on the website where to apply my SWU (I followed WA instructions, but no luck).

    Just called the 1K line (only 3 min wait time) and the CSR tells me the whole MP UG part of the system is down, has been down since the migration, and they have no idea when the heck it's coming up.

    Fustrating, but not much I can do if this part of the system is down still. I hope when it does come up and the R availabilty is gone they can make things right (I know the old UA could do that). Oh well, hope to hear if anyone else has any new developments.

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  19. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    As of yesterday evening, it was still a mess. I got them to redeposit my 2 GPUs that had been taken out in the process of acting on my request to sponsor an RPU. As for the sponsored RPU, they failed to apply it. Rather, I was told to wait up to 72 hours for it to be returned to my inventory, and then, if I felt brave, to try again to sponsor this upgrade.

    I am just happy that you have confirmed that this is not a situation to joke about until has been resolved...The CSR I had spoken with at 1K Desk had suggested as much (they had to stop answering calls a couple of days ago because they were overwhelmed).
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  20. AZjohn

    AZjohn Silver Member

    Yes, the CRS I spoke with sounded warn out and she said her co-workers (I didn't as which rev center) was also very warn out.
    So, my sponsor was able to call within the last couple hours and get the return portion of this PNR UG'ed. I'm on hold now this morning (Swiss time) for 10 min now while writting this. I was hoping the HNL call center was open now, but maybe not....
  21. dhammer53
    • Original Member

    dhammer53 Gold Member

    I spent 10 minutes looking on the website and still don't see where or how to sponsor an upgrade??

    Is the system still down?
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  22. tom911
    • Original Member

    tom911 Gold Member

    I just tried to upgrade someone with two regionals. I was a little surprised that it also gave me the option to upgrade with points and miles, and even a paid upgrade at $500-600 per flight for transcons. Just too much information there when all I want to do is sponsor a regional upgrade. In this particular case one flight cleared and the other is waitlisted
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  23. AZjohn

    AZjohn Silver Member

    I don't really know as my issue has grown out of control and nothing online whould help the mess now. Too long of a story to post about, but just a freakin mess and after a total of 4 hours on phone with 1K desk over 3 days, this morning I noticed they pulled two SWU's for the same flight.....
    So guess what I have to do after work :mad:
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  24. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    I feel your pain!!!
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  25. Tivoboy
    • Original Member

    Tivoboy Milepoint Guide

    I can't even see the buttons to upgrade ANY of the flights I have, and cannot upgrade my GF on an upcoming flight for her. The modal buttons and options to upgrade are simply not listed anywhere. It is just a STUPID mess all around.
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