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Changes to the MileagePlus Program

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by chff, Jul 12, 2013.  |  Print Topic

  1. Misplaced Texan
    • Original Member

    Misplaced Texan Gold Member

    Yay! It really is a calendar of puppy pictures. :)

    Sent from a place using a fruit thing.
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  2. Rob
    • Original Member

    Rob Gold Member

    Free Bacon? ;)
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  3. colpuck
    • Original Member

    colpuck Gold Member

    Three tier awards.
  4. Misplaced Texan
    • Original Member

    Misplaced Texan Gold Member

    That would be free beer and bacon, in coach. Though I'd take some bacon on the breakfast plate in F rather than the "sausage" or "ham."
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  5. unavaca
    • Original Member

    unavaca Gold Member

    The leading airline needs the world's leading award program: four tier awards.
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  6. Golfingboy
    • Original Member

    Golfingboy Gold Member

    Only four? ;)
  7. Misplaced Texan
    • Original Member

    Misplaced Texan Gold Member

    I'll go five tier awards. Anyone want to go six?
  8. colpuck
    • Original Member

    colpuck Gold Member

    Delta has to do it first.

    Sent from a reasonably priced car.
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  9. Misplaced Texan
    • Original Member

    Misplaced Texan Gold Member

    Hey, who wants to play wholly uninformed speculation that's almost certainly not it (actually, that's what we're doing already)....

    I'll go first:
    • Reward redemptions on bling air and Transaero
    • Hotel crossover rewards
    • Announcing service and special low redemption rates to MLB so you can all come see me. :D
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  10. snod08
    • Original Member

    snod08 Gold Member

    A special rate for redemptions to MAA on LH F :D

    (LH does not have F class service to MAA anymore) :(
  11. Misplaced Texan
    • Original Member

    Misplaced Texan Gold Member

    But Bling Air flies there. So the announcement is a partnership with Bling Air with special low redemption rates to MAA.

    And with Transearo including the ability to redeem on their repositioning flights for maintenance to and from....yep, you guessed it, good ole' MLB. It's true, they do maintenance on their 744s here.

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  12. mherdeg
    • Original Member

    mherdeg Silver Member

    Japan's ambassador to the U.S. denied that he was aware of the attack beforehand — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kichisaburō_Nomura
    • Original Member

    LETTERBOY Gold Member

    You're comparing changes in a frequent flyer program to the Pearl Harbor attack? Seriously? :rolleyes:
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  14. Captain Oveur
    • Original Member

    Captain Oveur Gold Member

    Don't read it as a "comparison" more than a bad attempt at humor.
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  15. thebkwee

    thebkwee Silver Member

    Not stop service between Fukuoka and Oshawa?
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  16. Misplaced Texan
    • Original Member

    Misplaced Texan Gold Member

    I thought it was mildly clever. But then, I also enjoyed the free bacon joke.
  17. theBOAT
    • Original Member

    theBOAT Silver Member

    I'm going to guess that it's going to be half priced award trips on B787 itineraries in order to fill the planes after another day of bad news.


    Sent from my iPhone using milepoint
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  18. Black Cloud
    • Original Member

    Black Cloud Gold Member

    My guess is they're going to do away with the term 1k and call it something more logic based: like, oh, I don't know, 100k.

    (Kidding. But the term 1k does drive me mildly crazy)
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  19. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    Or, you know, $10k.
  20. HeathrowGuy
    • Original Member

    HeathrowGuy Gold Member

    I am a loyalist of the dear respected Supreme Leader Jeff Smisek, therefore I utterly disregard and laugh off all silly doomsday notions presented here.

    I'm thinking the upcoming improvement to MP will be a long overdue "miles plus cash" option for award redemptions.
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  21. goalie
    • Original Member

    goalie Gold Member

    Im rating your post NK for not kosher ;)

    And now donning my Man of La Mancha helmet-

    The PMUA MM lifetime benefits will be reinstated and GPU's will be valid on all fares

    <and now cue the music>

    To dream the impossible dream
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  22. owenbrowntrout

    owenbrowntrout Silver Member

    A friend of mine at the UA head office tipped me off. Starting in January 2014, miles may be redeemed as a credit against jail time at the rate of 100 miles for 1 day. I think that's reasonable.
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  23. Steve GadFly
    • Original Member

    Steve GadFly Gold Member

    When a post starts with this schtick (as many of HG's do), I lose interest and tend not to bother with the rest of it. Shame because I'm sure some of them might contain some good information.
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  24. HeathrowGuy
    • Original Member

    HeathrowGuy Gold Member

    Its your prerogative...my praise of The Jeff seemingly keeps me away from both delay prone ERJs and the Economy cabin generally. ;) :D
  25. eponymous_coward
    • Original Member

    eponymous_coward Gold Member

    I disagree. The new redemption option will be redeeming miles for non-airline events like concerts, restaurants, and so forth, such as the annual mass games to honor the dear respected Supreme Leader Jeff Smisek.


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