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Chase Presidential Plus - free for one year

Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by PAinNY, Apr 18, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. PAinNY
    • Original Member

    PAinNY Silver Member

    Well, I got a targeted offer that I couldn't pass up. One free year of Pres Plus ($395 value). I don't travel all that much but it will be nice to use the President's club when I do. I also ordered a card for my husband so, does that mean we both get into the President's club or will I have to pay for one?
    Also, will there baggage allowance count on United? We have upcoming flights on both CO and UA in the next couple of months
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  2. PhlyingRPh
    • Original Member

    PhlyingRPh Silver Member

    Outstanding offer. Any sanctions for not continuing membership beyond a year?
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  3. PAinNY
    • Original Member

    PAinNY Silver Member

    It is an outstanding offer and I was shocked to receive it. I don't know why or how I was chosen as I have absolutely no status and I recently (Feb) got the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I don't believe there are any penalties if I cancel but I also wonder if the card will even exist next year due to the merger?
  4. notbgates
    • Original Member

    notbgates Silver Member

    Any clue in the offer as to why it was made? "Because you ... flew so much on Continental / charged so much on Chase one pass plus / belong to the ancient order of the Turtle / live in zip code XXXXX" or something else.

    Is there a minimum spend $$$ amt?

    Oh, and congratulations on snagging it ;)
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  5. PAinNY
    • Original Member

    PAinNY Silver Member

    No minimun spend, no clue at all other than I am a valued customer:eek: Last year I flew Continental once, like I said, no status. I do not use the Chase Sapphire as my major card - I am at a complete loss. I use my Florida zip code for Chase/Continental (PBI) so that makes no sense either.
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  6. notbgates
    • Original Member

    notbgates Silver Member

    We're flying CO first time this year this weekend (free checked bags from Chase one pass plus(free first year)) so will see if Chase steps up at renewal time; if there even are CO credit cards then.
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  7. PAinNY
    • Original Member

    PAinNY Silver Member

    My husband has the Continental One Pass Plus for years and never got any offers - strange that I should get this one.
  8. PAinNY
    • Original Member

    PAinNY Silver Member

    Ok, now you all had me thinking so I re-read the letter - here is the story.

    Dear PAinNY
    If you are thinking about acquiring a premium card, here is something to consider.

    After Sept 30, 2011, the American Express Platninum Card will no longer be accepted for admission to Presidents Club Lounges. And that not all - the option to transfer American Express Membership Rewards points into your One Pass account will also end after that date. "My edit to this paragraph - I do not have the AX MR card - I use SPG)

    Those are two solid reasons to choose Continental Airlines Presidential Plus Card. It includes a Presidents Club Membershio (up to $475 value) for as long as you remain a Cardmember. And you earn OnePass miles with every purchase - miles you can redeem for reward travel to more than 370 destinations around the globe. To make the card even more attractive we are waiving the $395 annual fee your first year.

    The Presidents club is designed to give you the ultimate travel experience with a package of benefits we call Blue Carpet treatment blah blah blah

    For your convience, your application will have your name and address filled in for you. To apply, go to continentalpresplus.com by May 18, 2011 and enter your invitation number xxxxxxxxxxxx

    We appreicate your business and look forward to seeing you
  9. notbgates
    • Original Member

    notbgates Silver Member

    FWIW, unlike citicorp, fidelity, ameriprise and perhaps others, Chase does not offset CC annual fees for having other banking/brokering relationships with them; so if you get too attached to their high end / high priced product, be prepared to ante up their asking price for year #2 and beyond.

    Unless other posters have done better by threatening to cancel at renewal time, that is. This only worked for (old) Diners Club for me. Their retention offers were sweet.

    Anyways, best of luck with the next 12 months' usage!
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  10. PAinNY
    • Original Member

    PAinNY Silver Member

    Thanks so much - not really worried about 2nd year but was quite happy/surprised with 1st year
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  11. elementaltrs

    elementaltrs Active Member

    Since I was instantly approved for the CO PP MC for BUSINESS card, I am not worried about the annual fee, since credit card annual fees on Business credit card can be deducted.
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  12. Jason
    • Original Member

    Jason Silver Member

    I don't have this Chase card, but have the Continental One Pass. I actually tried to cancel today because it was time for the annual fee ($85). They gave me three options to keep the card. a) Waive the annual fee b) $100 statement credit c) 10,000 miles. I went with the miles since I was getting them for $.01 a mile, but now am not sure I made the best choice. Not sure why anyone would just get the fee waived when the $100 credit would more than cover it...
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  13. airshadow
    • Original Member

    airshadow Gold Member

    That's a decent set of retention options. Out of curiosity, were you an occasional or heavy user? I've been fairly light and mine's coming up soon...

    ps, congrats on becoming Orig Member
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  14. harvson3

    harvson3 Silver Member

    For the record, to answer PAinNY's original question, only the primary cardholder can get into Presidents' Clubs when travelling. The secondary cardholder can get in only when accompanied by the primary cardholder. Since I travel independently of my wife lots of the time, and she's the primary, it hasn't really been worth it for us.
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  15. elementaltrs

    elementaltrs Active Member

    Check with Chase/ CO Presidential Club Service center the Primary member of Presidential Plus may be entitled to purchase a spouse card for $150.
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  16. harvson3

    harvson3 Silver Member

    This is true, and possible. We haven't bothered to do so yet.
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  17. secretsea18
    • Original Member

    secretsea18 Gold Member

    I also received this CC offer in March... I took advantage of it for: waived annual fee for a year, and free PC membership which is noted to be through 7/12 on the PC card!
    Plus it gives EQM and 3x miles for CO purchases...
    Not bad for free.
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  18. miles and smiles
    • Original Member

    miles and smiles Gold Member

    Chase usually doesn't offer much or anything for retention. Any idea why they gave you such good offers? Were you a heavy user of the card or long-time customer?
  19. Jason
    • Original Member

    Jason Silver Member

    No, neither. I just opened the card a year ago, and only put a few thousand dollars on it, basically enough to get the sign up miles. I really just wanted to closed the account, but the bonus made it worth it... My wife has a separate chase card, which I'm an authorized user, that's been open 10-15 years, but I doubt that really matters...
  20. jfwooster

    jfwooster New Member

    Has anyone seen this promo (waive the first year $395 fee) for the Business version of the Presidential Plus card?
  21. alohastephen

    alohastephen Gold Member

    That is an outstanding deal. Is there an MP sticky that lists all the current credit card offerings (targetted and non-targetted)?

    It would be nice to have this kind of info in one thread.;)
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  22. TXHolmes

    TXHolmes Active Member

    Howdy peeps, so I am a CO Plat, MP 1K and had a paid press club membership, I signed up for the PresPlus card in Nov and got a check for $395 from CO although I didn't see this targeted offer for first year free, I guess this is because I had a paid membership?

    Also, after I paid attention and found out about the loss of the 25% bonus and PQM flex miles not counting toward 1K or MM status, I talked to chase and asked about downgrading to the OPP card and they said it was possible, but to wait a few more weeks as some of the details were being rehashed based on customer feedback... anyone else heard this?
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  23. hauteboy

    hauteboy Active Member

    I got the offer for the first-year free a month or so ago and just applied for the card. I lose my CO *G status this year so the free lounge access will be a nice perk..

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