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Delta Jet Rolls Off Taxiway in ATL

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by USAF_Pride, Mar 13, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. USAF_Pride
    • Original Member

    USAF_Pride Gold Member

    Some mechanics had a bad night!!

    Unfortunately, it was not a RJ!
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  2. mrredskin
    • Original Member

    mrredskin Gold Member

    better than a 757 with 7 rows of F
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  3. USAF_Pride
    • Original Member

    USAF_Pride Gold Member

    From a Coworker:
    1. Set Parking Brakes
    2. Run Engines Up
    3. Push really hard on the pedals when you forgot Step 1
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  4. traveller99

    traveller99 Silver Member

    Don't forget to chop the throttles.
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  5. jrp2

    jrp2 Gold Member

    glad my errors don't end up on the news.
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  6. IkeEsq

    IkeEsq Gold Member

    On the plus side, the engines did work.
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  7. USAF_Pride
    • Original Member

    USAF_Pride Gold Member

    I should have added my suggestions:
    4. Throw Engines in reverse
    5. When forward momentum stops, kill engines.
  8. cwpfly

    cwpfly Silver Member

    Me too! But I bet they would if the mistakes involved $70-80M hanging precariously in plain view of the world! :eek:
  9. N670DN
    • Original Member

    N670DN Silver Member

    Going to be in EC on a 738 JFK-FLL (hoping for PTVs on that one) and 752 ATL-BOS...

    One week until I'll be on vacation again. Also now trying to book a trip to SEA but DL is a bit expensive. Got the $100 cert but still. Hopefully prices will go down tomorrow.

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