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Delta SkyMiles New Member Bonus(es)

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Miles/Points' started by booyaa, Apr 7, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. booyaa
    • Original Member

    booyaa Silver Member

    Did a quick search, seems to not have been posted yet.

    Enrolled a couple family members with SkyMiles last week, got email today with the following promo:

    I registered two of my nephews who had enrolled 2 months ago If you enrolled within the past couple months, worth a shot to register and get what you can get.

    Edited to add some T&C:
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  2. MSPeconomist
    • Original Member

    MSPeconomist Gold Member

    Note that these are bonus miles from DL, which means redeemable miles, not status miles (which DL calls MQMs).

    If you apply for a DL AmEx, be sure to document and retain the special offer you used until you verify that all miles have posted correctly. Save the email, print screens from your computer, or do a screen capture and save it. Read the T&C carefully; some offers seem to require that you apply on line.
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  3. Frequent Flyer Bonuses

    Frequent Flyer Bonuses Z Representative

    Here is another one I found last week when updating FFB:

    Enroll now and start enjoying all the benefits of becoming a SkyMiles member—like the opportunity to earn 10,000 bonus miles for your first international round-trip flight in Business or First Class (or 5,000 bonus miles for Economy Class).
  4. mrredskin
    • Original Member

    mrredskin Gold Member

    oh man thanks! i made the gf sign up for a DL number a couple weeks ago since she never had one and it worked on her account. will see if it works correctly next month
  5. sun
    • Original Member

    sun Silver Member

    It looks like I was automatically enrolled for this when I created my Skymiles account.

    I don't understand why the activity period shows it as ending 2 months from the date I enrolled given that the terms say I have a year to meet the requirements. Is this the same for others?
  6. appl3

    appl3 Member

    So I signed up for this. Is this separate from AMEX offers? I got the 40k + $75 credit + 2 lounge vouchers for the credit card sign up. Will I be able to combine with this for a total of 80k if I did all of the mentioned items in the promo? I registered for this promo at/around the same time I applied for the Delta Gold card and miles have already been posted. The sucky thing about Delta is that I don't know what miles are for what promo.
  7. penumpang
    • Original Member

    penumpang Gold Member

    Are the 5,000 miles for one flight? So, if it's a round trip with, let's say, 4 segments, do you get extra 7,500 miles in addition to the first 5,000 miles? Can anyone clarify?
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  8. Spring101

    Spring101 Active Member

    By registering for this I am not applying for the credit card, right?
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  9. Spring101

    Spring101 Active Member

    Is this a targeted offer? I got the following message when trying to apply:
    We are sorry, the SkyMiles number entered is not eligible for this promotion. This offer was created specifically for the SkyMiles member who received the promotion and only the SkyMiles number listed on the promotion piece may be registered. The offer may not be transferred to other SkyMiles members.
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  10. DonV.Smith
    • Original Member

    DonV.Smith Gold Member

    It looks a bit like it is for a CC, though I'd have to see the full context. Just my thoughts from the above chain...
  11. DonV.Smith
    • Original Member

    DonV.Smith Gold Member

    They do a lot of targeted offers, typically based more on status then your actual skymiles account.
    That said, I did get a CC offer that is targeted to my SkyMiles account...
  12. Spring101

    Spring101 Active Member

    Anyone else know about this? I dont want to apply for a CC but I do want some of the other offers here.
  13. MSPeconomist
    • Original Member

    MSPeconomist Gold Member

    Welcome to MP.

    Does it ask you credit card application type questions, such as income, employer, time at job, time at address, own versus rent, etc.? It's not permitted to send unsolicited credit cards any more, so that I would expect a credit card application to have disclosures and some box to check saying that you understand you're applying. However, it's hard to guess without seeing the materials.
  14. jaw_24
    • Original Member

    jaw_24 Silver Member

    This looks like the same offer I was getting unknowingly (posted about here) when using Skymiles dining and shopping. It appears to be repeatable--I have received a 500 mile bonus for every dining and shopping activity. If you really want to exploit this quickly, just purchase 10 iTunes songs for $0.99 each through the shopping portal (each under seperate purchases/click-throughs), and you get 5k miles.
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