FT University, April 26-28 at Hilton McLean Tysons Corner (SOLD OUT)

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    HOTEL BOOKING LINK: http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/M/MCLMHHH-FTU-20130426/index.jhtml ($89/night special rate)

    CONFIRMED PROGRAM: http://ftuniversity.com/program/


    Tickets are transferable, if you can't go and sell your ticket to someone, please follow this procedures:

    You are responsible for selling your ticket in a safe way, collect the money etc. When this is done, please contact Melinda via email ONLY, no PMs accepted. melinda@ftef.net.

    Send her:

    1. The full name exactly like it's posted on your ticket is registered under and the long ticket ID # found on the ticket.
    2. The full name of the person taking over your ticket.
    3. Send the ticket PDF to the person you have sold it to. This needs to be presented at check in.




    Looks like tommy777 spilled the beans, although booking isn't quite ready to start yet (coming soon, promise!).


    So now you know -- Frequent Traveler University comes to the Washington DC area, about equidistant from Washington's National and Dulles airports, April 26-28.

    The host hotel is the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner, it's near the Ritz-Carlton and Tripadvisor gives it a better rating than the Ritz (!!). Ok, now I sound like Tommy, when folks know what I think of Tripadvisor ratings. But it's a good hotel.


    There will be a good group rate. At chain hotel with points-earning and elite benefits for many. And since Tommy drives a pretty good bargain with hotels, we manage to stay in major metropolitan areas and still offer events at a reasonable price.

    But all of those details are still to come. For now, mark your calendars.
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    9:00am — 9:10am | Welcome

    with Gary Leff

    9:15am — 10:30am | Session 1

    A: Introduction to Miles & Points
    with Daraius Dubash & Summer Hull
    B: Mileage Running 101
    with Ben Schlappig
    C: American Airlines Status, Upgrades, & Awards
    with Edward Pizzarello

    10:40am — 11:55am | Session 2

    GS: Inside Secrets of Starwood Preferred Guest
    with SPG

    12:00pm — 12:50pm | Lunch

    1:00pm — 1:50pm Session 3

    GS: Lessons Learned Visiting Every Country in the World
    with Chris Guillbeau

    2:00pm — 3:15pm | Session 4

    A: Ultimate Showdown for the Most Awesome Credit Card in the Galaxy
    with Brian Kelly
    B: Using Technology to Improve Your Travel
    with Ben Mutzabugh, Seth Miller, Alexi Vereschaga
    C: Advanced Q&A: Your Questions Answered
    with Gary Leff & Ben Schlappig

    3:30pm — 4:45pm | Session 5

    A: Credit Card Churning: Fly Free the Easy Way
    with Daraius Dubash
    B: Family Travel Made Easy(ier)
    with Summer Hull & Edward Pizzarello
    C: Making the Most of Delta – Status, Upgrades, & Awards
    with Brian Kelly

    5:00pm — 5:30pm | Optional Book Signing


    9:00am — 10:15am | Session 6

    A: You Can Still Earn 5x Everywhere & Other Tricks of the Trade
    with Greg Davis-Kean
    B: United Airlines Status, Upgrades, and Awards
    with Seth Miller
    C: Beginner Session: Picking a Hotel Program
    with Edward Pizzarello

    10:30am — 11:45am | Session 7

    GS: Secrets & Lies: Off the Record Tips & Tricks
    with Gary Leff, Daraius Dubash, Steve Belkin, Ben Schlappig, Seth Miller

    12:00pm — 12:50pm | Lunch

    1:00pm — 2:15pm Session 8

    GS: Launchpoint Competition
    with Randy Petersen

    2:30pm — 3:45pm | Session 9

    A: Earn Almost Unlimited Miles Cheap with Shopping Portals
    with Hans Mast
    B: Award Booking 101
    with Ben Schlappig & Gary Leff
    C: Hidden Pitfalls and Possibilites in International Travel
    with Stefan Krasowski

    4:00pm — 5:15pm | Session 10

    A: Award Booking 201
    with Ben Schlappig & Gary Leff
    B: Become a Free Agent: the Case Against Status
    with Steve Belkin
    C: TBD: Hotel Deals

    5:20pm — 5:30pm | Closing Remarks
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    Held for future announcements.
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    Held for future announcements.
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  1. healinginfluence Silver Member

    I live in Chevy Chase. Can I commute?
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    gleff Co-founder

    There's no requirement to stay at the event hotel.
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  2. ffI Silver Member

    Count me in!
    At last some thing that I do not have to fly everywhere for.
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    mhnadel Silver Member

    Of course. The one weekend in April 2013 I already have a commitment for.
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    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    And that's a good thing?! I think you really need that seminar!
  3. jkchan83 Silver Member

    Hoping that the dates don't get changed... Missed the LA FTU because the dates got moved.
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    gleff Co-founder

    The dates are tied to the Freddie Awards. Freddies are the last Thursday in April, this follows. And I do know that Tommy has a hotel contract in hand (but have not yet verified that it has been signed!).
  4. jkchan83 Silver Member

    Awesome news!
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  5. desamo Gold Member

    They have yoga rooms. They have exec rooms. Why are there no yoga exec rooms?
  6. ffI Silver Member

    After too much flying, a local option is always good once in a while.
  7. Miss Staunton Silver Member

    Excited that it is close to home. Can't wait for the details to be available to us.
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    BWIflyer Silver Member

    I am glad it is in DC area. I will be there.
  8. giocatoredoro Silver Member

    Ugh. I'll be going, but WHY DC? #changethevenue! :)
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    Scottrick Gold Member

    Hey, at least it's not New York City!
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  9. Golden Toque Gold Member

    too soon...
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  10. desamo Gold Member

    It was NYC last year, though (well, Newark, same thing :)).
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    Scottrick Gold Member

    My comment had nothing to do with the hurricane. It's always been my least favorite city.
  11. Paolo Scuri Silver Member

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    RonF Silver Member

    Gary or anyone else in charge, I purchased a ticket from someone on here who can't go. How can I transfer it to my name?

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