hi... i need to get from jfk to phl for a MR... any/all

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  1. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    only reliable, tried and true info please :)
    thank you
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    viguera Gold Member

    Assuming you're not driving you have a few options... I'd say the "best" way would be to make your way to Penn Station and take Amtrak. That's usually only an hour an a half, give or take. You'd then walk to the Airtrain to PHL.
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    NYBanker Gold Member

    That's probably the best way. Take the AirTrain at JFK to Jamaica. Then the e train to penn station. Then Amtrak to 30th street station in philadelphia.

    Not necessarily quick, but most cost effective if you have the extra time.

    All in, probably about one hour longer than simply driving.

    You might check the car rental places to see what the price of a one-way car rental would be. Sometimes they are brutally expensive, other times remarkably inexpensive if they want to reposition cars.
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    NYBanker Gold Member

    I think the lowest Amtrak fare will be $50...add in $10 for the little ancillary fares...so you're looking at $60 for the mass transit solution.
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    To save a bit of cash you can switch at NY Penn to NJ Transit rather than Amtrak. Requires a transfer to SEPTA at Trenton and a bit of extra time but works. There are also several bus services running between NYC and Philly which are cheaper.
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  2. philatravelgirl Silver Member

    I'm flying into JFK next week and have done all the above to get home to Philly with a friend meeting me for the final leg -my own version of planes, trains and automobiles.
    Amtrak same day tix can be expensive IMO if you can book online 14 days ahead it will save some money. Amtrak is quickest to 30th street station and then get the Septa Airport line to PHL from there. I've done the NJ transit to Septa (bring a book, be prepared for delays) takes more time with local stops but easy to do and costs less. The Bolt bus (free wifi) from Penn Station is another option to 30th street but depends on traffic/day/time -online tickets are usually less than $20.

    If you have time to spare in Philly take a quick cab to Rittenhouse Square for a proper meal before the flight. so many great choices
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  3. guberif Silver Member

    What about MegaBus? A friend lives in PHL and uses it. Just checked and with a week's notice, only $6! :)
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  4. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    is it a brief and safe walk?/ thanks for the reply :)
  5. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    i am on a mile run, ti HNL.. traveling light( bien sur) not into "shlepping" looking for a balance between cost and convenience
    thank you for your info and reply :)
  6. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    thank you!
    know any decent and well priced hotels for overnight?
    doable as long as there are no train delays.... Also
    i guess then i shall need to stay overnight at PHL since my flight out is "nasty early" phl to atl
    ( normally a piece of cake fromnyc but yes this is a MR..... phl>atl>lax>hnl>atl>phl ( thus far on EC, DL)
  7. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    thank you :)
    im not really into driving to phl though
    so i will need to leave a day before and stay at an airport hotel... suggestions plz there too?
  8. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    most direct- certainly
  9. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    of in
    are you talking about port authority bus companies?---- are they safe? from a gurl who is bus suspicious :)
    i have to weight my purse strings against convenience and well being after reviewing this wonderful wealth ofn info
  10. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    "Girl" thank you So much for your info and your time :)
  11. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    i shall check this out! where does it go in NY please?
  12. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    thank you ALL for your kind help :)
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    viguera Gold Member

    I think your best bet would be overnight in PHL. You do NOT want to chance that you'd be able to get from NYC to PHL "nasty early" as there are entirely too many variables. Any given day you'll have NJ transit / Amtrak delays / subway problems / all of the above, so if you have to trek a little extra and make your way to Philly it would be worth it just for the piece of mind.

    There are plenty of hotels right off the airport which are fairly decent (Ramada / Aloft / Embassy Suites) and not too pricey. Plus they almost certainly have a shuttle so you don't have to worry about how to get to the airport the next morning.
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  13. deltagoldLass Silver Member

    thank you
    yes, i am rather resigned to staying over in phila and not feeling time stressed ....
    the exception would be
    if a good friend would drive me to phl which is a big IF....
    thank you for getting back to me :)
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    The transfer at Philly 30th Street Station to the "AirTrain" there is actually a 5 minute walk inside the station to one of the regional rail lines which takes about 30 minutes to the airport. If you're spending the night as part of the deal then the hotels at PHL can generally be had pretty cheap and the shuttle service to the airport terminal is quick and easy.
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    joejones Silver Member

    He's talking about taking commuter trains. You take an NJ Transit train from Penn Station to Trenton, and at Trenton you change to SEPTA (the Philadelphia regional commuter train), which uses the same station and sometimes the same platform. IIRC, you can buy a through ticket from New York to Philly for something like $15-20 this way, and the trip takes 2-3 hours. I used to do this run all the time when I was in law school, but it's been a while now.

    The buses are generally cheaper these days, though the train will drop you off at 30th Street Station where it's easy to catch a train to the airport.
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    Many of the buses do, too.
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    viguera Gold Member

    30th is the easiest way IMO... everything is right there and there's very little left to chance, unlike New York where you have the airport in one place and the commuter trains / buses 10-20 miles away, depending on which airport you arrive into.

  14. philatravelgirl Silver Member

    Am not a fan of the philly airport hotels (they make me sad) as there is nothing to do/see and you are stuck there-Philly has so much it would be a shame to miss it even for one night.

    Suggest staying in the city overnight at Club quarters on 17th street/Rittenhouse area which has lots of great restaurants/shops -depending on the day (weekend rates are $50-70) -
    I stay here when I need to stay in the city and don't want to spend too much- I also like Westin on 17th which C&P is reasonable. I've had corporate agreements with both over the years and they are good.
    You can get the airport train at suburban station at 17th/JFK a few blocks away without having to go back to 30th.

    I'm away now but can help more if you DM me- I work in the city and if around can meet up w/you if you decide to stay in the city.
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    viguera Gold Member

    I think with very few exceptions, airport hotels make everybody sad. :)

    That's not quite true though... there are a few gems near ORD or MIA (the Intercontinentals near both are actually quite nice), but more often than not you'll find barely serviceable hotels even from the big chains.
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    IDGflygirl Gold Member

    There are several SPG hotels with an airport shuttle. You could probably do cash+pts @ the 4 Pts PHL airport.
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