Long delay in LAN flights posting to AAdvantage account - Known issue?

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  1. zpaul Gold Member

    Hi all,

    LAN flights usually show up on my AA statement right at the 14-day mark, but for the last couple of months I have had to fill out the "request credit" form and wait up to 30 days from submitting it for the activity to appear, resulting in the flights posting up to 45 days after taking them. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    I don't fly with many other partner airlines right now, so if this is something that is oneworld-wide, let me know, too, and I'll just try to be more patient.
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    Bay Pisco Shark Gold Member

    My LAN flights usually post to Alaska in 2 to 3 weeks, or they don't post at all. Are any of your flights upgraded? LAN apparently uses U for both upgraded and award business, and sometimes things don't post automatically. (I have no personal experience with this issue.)
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  2. Redhead Silver Member

    I have only about 5-15% of my LAN flights post automatically (I tend to fly in paid business). I have to call almost every time. I do not have this issue with other oneworld partners. I've just learned to always keep my boarding passes and set up a reminder in outlook for me to call customer service in 30 days if my miles haven't posted. They generally then post within a few days after my call
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  3. zpaul Gold Member

    Thanks Bay Pisco Shark and Redhead for the info - all on my international travel is in paid J, too, so those miles and points really count.

    Do you use the "Request Miles" function in the AAdvantage account summary page first or do you just call first?
  4. Redhead Silver Member

    I always call since the first few times I tried to do it online I kept getting error messages, not worth my time. So I call direclty
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  5. phraktur Silver Member

    The miles I've flown with LAN have always posted to my AAdvantage account by the end of the month. Sorry this has been a problem for you.
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    Bay Pisco Shark Gold Member

    Is the # showing properly on the BP? How is the # entered? By you on the LA website? By you on another airline's website? By a travel agency? By a LAN rep at check-in? By another airline's rep at check-in?
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  6. zpaul Gold Member

    My AA # is good and appears on the reservation and BP, entered by me at time of booking, same as always. This has never been an issue until the last two months.
  7. zpaul Gold Member

    Just tried the call-it-in tactic, as there are now two flights that are 30+ days old that haven't posted, and was told to wait until 30 days from the time of my submission via "request miles" had elapsed, and if they haven't posted by then I should fax copies of tickets and boarding passes. No phone love for me. :(
  8. progapanda Silver Member

    I've flown maybe 12-13 segments on LA this year, and not once has any mileage posted automatically to my AAdvantage account in less than 30 days (this is all despite the fact that my LA BPs show my AAdvantage # and status). I've always had to request credit via the website and wait for interminable amounts of time (after the original 30 day waiting period) before anything shows up - including one LP segment that took a few days shy of six months (!) to post.

    I'm counting on a few thousand miles flown on LA over the last 3-4 weeks to requalify me for PLT this year, so the wait is especially frustrating right now.


    UPDATE: It's only fair that I mention that after about a 3 week long wait, all my LA/LP/XL segments posted automatically (a first for me!) to my AAdvantage account to push me well past the PLT finish line for the year. As an added bonus, I also received mileage for a LAN coded TAM operated flight, which also has never happened before. I'm a happy camper.
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  9. zpaul Gold Member

    That's reassuring! I'm still waiting for two flights to post - one flight from 16 OCT and the other, a medium-haul in paid J - from 25 OCT. I've received the message to wait 30 days three times now for the flight on 25 OCT, although strangely the return flight (on 14 NOV) has posted.

    I just bought 6000 + 2000 bonus miles to be sure that I have enough miles for some upgrades next month, but if the 25 OCT flight doesn't come through soon, I'll have to make the decision about either buying more miles or just not taking the award. Spending more money to buy miles I've earned but haven't posted when the awards require an additional $700 is a tough decision.

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