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Q400 First Class Retrofit Update

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by UA Insider, Dec 22, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. rggale
    • Original Member

    rggale Gold Member

    As soon as the entire EWR/IAD-based fleet is fitted with the F cabin. Date is unknown but I would expect by no later than end of Q2'12
  2. Seacarl
    • Original Member

    Seacarl Gold Member

    Do any Q400's operate from IAH or DEN or ORD? Seems like there should be plenty of routes where they would be well-suited. AS flies them on routes like SEA-YYC and PDX-SFO
  3. cvarming
    • Original Member

    cvarming Silver Member

    Then it would be nice if UA would change the schedule for Q3 and Q4 such that we could start booking awards for these seats.
  4. rggale
    • Original Member

    rggale Gold Member

    Q400s operate from IAH, IAD, CLE, and EWR. None out of DEN/ORD/SFO/LAX at the present time.

    The priority was to get the Northeast fleet (I forgot to include CLE in that) upgraded before they began retrofitting the IAH based fleet. They use that fleet for the TX/OK/LA/MS area as well as Telluride/Montrose CO.
  5. Seacarl
    • Original Member

    Seacarl Gold Member

    Well I hope that the whole Q400 fleet gets Economy Plus. Q400 in Y- is no fun.
  6. Wandering Aramean
    • Original Member

    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    Read the first post again. They are converting the whole fleet, one base at a time.
  7. Seacarl
    • Original Member

    Seacarl Gold Member

    I don't re-read the entire thread each time, this thread's been out there for a while. The top of this page references the EWR/IAD-based fleet, so I was wondering whether it will be fleet-wide, I am glad to see it is.

    I believe that the Q400 fleet could become stratetically important to UA if it delivers a substantial operating cost advantage vs. RJs and can deliver comparable passenger comfort. UA's investment in that area shows they believe it will and so I'm expecting to see the use broadened beyond sCO's hubs. UA probably needs to get at least one more operator to get both geographic coverage and competition on costs.
  8. Wandering Aramean
    • Original Member

    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    Fair enough, but it is a question that was answer in the thread, and in the first post, no less. You could have found the answer faster than asking about it and waiting for a response.

    I dunno....CO had a single RJ operator for a while and did just fine on the cost and coverage fronts there. The regional/express operators market is a mess anyways so getting more than one of them working for you doesn't necessarily get you much other than the headaches of more incompetent organizations to work with.
  9. Seacarl
    • Original Member

    Seacarl Gold Member

    I didn't go to the prior page when writing and hadn't remember that it had been addressed.
    Colgan/Pinnacle is the operator of the Q400's and I don't think is all that well run. Many (most?) of CO's RJ flights were operated by Expressjet, which is now part of Skywest. My impression is that Skywest and Republic are better regional operations than Pinnacle.

    The whole regional industry is due for some turmoil whatever happens to American Eagle. Did Delta spins Comair off yet? What are Alaska's plans for Horizon? Almost seems like there might be an opportunity to start a new regional operator that isn't burdened by any of the obsolete aircraft and can focus on Q400's & 70+ seat RJs, which seem to have the only sustainable economics.
  10. chrislacey
    • Original Member

    chrislacey Milepoint Guide

    So it seems that the tail numbering has been changed (at least I haven't seen 8## tail numbers for the Q400). I'm booked tomorrow ALB-EWR on a Q400 (tail # 323 according to mobile.united.com) ... and we have the reconfig equip. I'm excited to try out the seats. FWIW, I did book 2C since it existed on both configs...but just changed to 1A as it's my favorite on the CR7. Will report back with more info if I see anything of interest tomorrow.

    Edited to add: The seatmap appeared old config until sometime this afternoon/evening. Just a heads-up.

    Another edit: I believe it was scheduled to be ship # 823 ... so maybe they replaced the 8 with a 3 for Q400 flights? (just a guess)
  11. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    I don't know how big the bins are relative to a CRJ700, but a Tumi Vapor Int'l Carry-on just fits in one of those sideways (except over seats 1A and 2A, which are much smaller compartments in which a medium purse might fit).
  12. mht_flyer
    • Original Member

    mht_flyer Gold Member

    Is this ever going to happen formally or just for those 1 or 2 planes they have already changed it on?

    I know Colgan's going away, but will Republic be installing First Class?
  13. KenInEscazu

    KenInEscazu Gold Member

    I thought that some of the seats were already installed, but I haven't been on one for months, so no experience to share. I'm surprised that nobody with inside info has responded to your question. I, too, am curious.
  14. ssullivan
    • Original Member

    ssullivan Gold Member

    There are a few Q-400s with the F seats. I've flown on one of them. But, I don't know what the progress on the retrofits is; I suspect it stalled the moment Colgan filed bankruptcy and said they would terminate their flying for UA.

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