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Scared flyer!

Discussion in 'SeatExpert' started by E2012, Oct 31, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. E2012

    E2012 New Member

    Hi...I would really appreciate any help please! I am choosing seats on our flight to Cuba from Gatwick on a Boeing 747-400 (Seating configuration LGW-1) and have pre-reserved seats 80H and 80J for both flights as thought it would be better for me as I hate flying but now worried that it will be a bit claustrophobic. Can anyone please advise me? thanks for your help
  2. sobore
    • Original Member

    sobore Gold Member

    Which airline is this?
  3. E2012

    E2012 New Member

    Virgin - sorry!
  4. sobore
    • Original Member

    sobore Gold Member

    It appears these are upperdeck seats near the staircase. They do not appear to be too bad as one is an isle seat.
    Due to the staircase there do not appear to be seats across from you. The only better seats I see are in row 75, that appears to be an exit row.
    The seats are also in front of the lav. I think you would be good in the H seat, other than the staircase not much else near it.
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  5. E2012

    E2012 New Member

    Ah thank you so much.. I am such a worrier! Can I just check though, from the diagram I looked at the toilets are at the front on this version and the gallery is behind and there's nothing behind these seats? Also, do you think being in the whole "bubble" will just feel small? Do you think it will be more bumpy as well?! I do fly lots, though you wouldnt think it haha! I am the worst ever!
  6. sobore
    • Original Member

    sobore Gold Member

    I generally find the center of the aircraft has the least amount of movement. I did fly in the rear of an MD-80 once and did not seem to feel more motion.
    The upper deck generally does not feel any more confining to me than the main cabin. I think you will be just fine. Stay hydrated and enjoy the trip! :)
  7. HaveMilesWillTravel
    • Original Member

    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    I think it will feel "quieter" as there are fewer people and less activity. I just love the upper deck. Why don't they make planes with just the upper deck? Oh wait, that's called a regional private jet :)
  8. E2012

    E2012 New Member

    yes i agree, i always try sit over the wing. i think from the pictures, the seats i am looking at are just at the start of the wing, so hopefully will be ok! thanks for your help :) i will enjoy when i am there for sure!! :)
  9. E2012

    E2012 New Member

    Lol don't think i'll be going on a private jet anytime soon so guess this is the nearest i will get to first class as well! :) thanks for your reply
  10. flynow

    flynow Silver Member

    :rolleyes:Flying is one of the best ways to travel out there !!! Yes I know everyone doesn't feel that way.

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