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Should we re-title the milepoint status levels?

Discussion in 'We Were Thinking...' started by Mikel, Mar 10, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. Mikel
    • Original Member

    Mikel Gold Member

    And if so, what should they be called? Is there a set of titles that would be better than Silver, Gold, and Platinum?

    A little background:
    There was a thread about this topic in the Beta forum during the beta phase, and it was a good thread, but we wanted to bring this up again now that we are out of beta and have new members who might like to chime in. What we like about the current status level labels is also what we don't like - They are commonly used and recognized in the travel loyalty industry and therefore well understood by most in the milepoint community, but their prevalent use also tends to make them seem trite and uninspired. We would love to hear any ideas you all might have.

    What do you think?
  2. Dovster
    • Original Member

    Dovster Gold Member

    I suggest five levels:

    Top Level: Randy Petersen Medallion
    Better Than Average Level: Pizzaman Medallion
    Middle Level: Gargoyle Medallion
    Rather Poor Level: Cholula Medallion
    Downright Disgraceful and Often Lewd Level: Dovster Medallion
  3. ACMM
    • Original Member

    ACMM Gold Member

    Where does the venerable Chimpy level fit in?
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  4. Dovster
    • Original Member

    Dovster Gold Member

    Definitely somewhere below Randy Petersen and very far above Dovster.
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  5. Gargoyle
    • Original Member

    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    I've carved a pizzaman, so I belong higher up than Ed.

    Seriously, though, I don't like the use of silver/gold/plat; it mimics several airline programs, and has a status implication that doesn't jibe with the mission of milepoint. We need something that is clear, but friendly and not so hierarchal, like CRJ-A310-767-A380, or member-contributor-road warrior.
  6. ACMM
    • Original Member

    ACMM Gold Member

    I like something like that! Include exhausted after road warrior ;)
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  7. Dovster
    • Original Member

    Dovster Gold Member

    King of the Road
    Road Warrior
    Seasoned Traveler
    Leisure Traveler
  8. Chimpy
    • Original Member

    Chimpy Gold Member

    I still quite like the silver, gold and platinum but perhaps I lack imagination.
  9. flying-gal
    • Original Member

    flying-gal Silver Member

    I like gargoyle's carving of the pizzaman.
    I love stone sculptures.

    Have bought a few stone pieces for my garden and the garden walls
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  10. Gargoyle
    • Original Member

    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    good choices, but I believe we already have a member named Backpacker. We should probably avoid titles that could match handles, unless the title is really obvious or distinct, or the name of a type of airplane, or some such.

    I know where you can get some more, if you're interested. :D
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  11. Dovster
    • Original Member

    Dovster Gold Member

    I think we have a "No Backpacker" but not a "Backpacker".
  12. Skyvillager
    • Original Member

    Skyvillager Silver Member

    Yes, we do have a gorgeous Norwegian: no-backpacker
  13. 0riginal Member

    0riginal Member New Member

    I agree with Dovster's proposals. Status levels must be funny, in order to discourage likeathons.

    I don't think it is a big problem, it can always happen that a member name matches a status level ;)
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  14. cockpitvisit
    • Original Member

    cockpitvisit Gold Member

    I like this.
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  15. scoow
    • Original Member

    scoow Silver Member

    If you're going outside the box, but want to remain "aviation" themed:
    Space Ship

    Or maybe just transportation:
    Walk, Horseback, Train, Car, Airplane

    Or just come up with some random words that have no logical relationship and assign them in whatever order you like. This has the added advantage of making it very easy to add a new level at anytime for any reason. We're pretty good at figuring out obscure program rules, so I'm sure we'll be able to work with whatever status levels you throw at us.
    Book, Purple, Rock, Ant....
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  16. Gargoyle
    • Original Member

    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    Agree. silver/gold/platinum definitely encourage the likeathons (caveat that I see value in the likeathon threads, but they should be based mainly on socialization and not status seeking)
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  17. sobore
    • Original Member

    sobore Gold Member

    Emperor & Empress of Milepoint
    King & Queen of Milepoint
    Grand Duke & Grand Duchess of Milepoint
    Grand Prince & Grand Princess of Milepoint
    Duke & Duchess of Milepoint
    Prince & Princess of Milepoint
    Earl & Countess of Milepoint
    Baron & Baroness of Milepoint
    Knight of Milepoint
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  18. Chimpy
    • Original Member

    Chimpy Gold Member

    I know a few backpackers that are also very seasoned travellers, even road warriors, should they be on the bottom?
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  19. Sean Colahan
    • Original Member

    Sean Colahan Gold Member

    Where do the DYKWIA fall in that line-up?

    God save the Queen!!!

    I think this is a good list, but take out the bird and leave only human-made objects as the levels.
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  20. Punki
    • Original Member

    Punki Silver Member

    What do you expect, you're a Chimp!
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  21. Chimpy
    • Original Member

    Chimpy Gold Member

    I do tend to like shiny things [​IMG]
  22. Punki
    • Original Member

    Punki Silver Member

    Me too. Maybe we should have diamond, sapphire and emerald status.

    Or maybe diamond, double diamond, and triple diamond.

    Diamonds are a girl's best friend, donchaknow.
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  23. Jim
    • Original Member

    Jim Silver Member

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  24. NewCokeandTaco
    • Original Member

    NewCokeandTaco Silver Member


    First Officer

    Second Officer (Flight Engineer)

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  25. Wandering Aramean
    • Original Member

    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    I see no value in the levels and would just as soon see them disappear instead. Setting up a system for people to game doesn't encourage building the community nor the content that makes a site like this valuable IMO.

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