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Should we tell?

Discussion in 'Off Topic/Social' started by Dovster, Sep 11, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. Dovster
    • Original Member

    Dovster Gold Member

    Those of us who are Gold members automatically receive notifications of special offers. For example:

    * How to receive Hilton Diamond Status simply by requesting it.
    * How each of us, no matter what his current spending, can receive an Amex Centurion card at absolutely no charge or annual fee.
    * How to buy tickets on any SkyTeam flight at a 90% discount (assuming they are for Biz Elite or FC seats).
    * How Hertz reservations can be obtained for a full week at the price of a single day.

    Of course, I appreciate all these announcements. They have saved me literally thousands of dollars so far. The question I have is whether we should keep them for Gold members only or can we start threads letting Silver and -- gasp! -- new members in on all of these offers?
  2. Skyvillager
    • Original Member

    Skyvillager Silver Member

    I think this thread could use a poll.

    Dovster, did you not post one on purpose?
  3. NYBanker
    • Original Member

    NYBanker Gold Member

    90% is off sky team fares..but there is a 200% surcharge on the YQ!
  4. Gargoyle
    • Original Member

    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    Dov, I just want to know how you win at video poker.
    Freddie Listo likes this.
  5. uggboy
    • Original Member

    uggboy Gold Member

    Let them roll freely on MP!:)
  6. Dovster
    • Original Member

    Dovster Gold Member

    Easy. You look straight at the screen and bluff the machine.
    uggboy and Gargoyle like this.
  7. 2MM_Guy
    • Original Member

    2MM_Guy Gold Member

    I haven't been getting any offers. :confused::mad:
    Gargoyle likes this.
  8. Gargoyle
    • Original Member

    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    She offered Dov her honor
    He honored her offer
    and all night long
    he was honor and offer.
    GenevaFlyer and mikeef like this.
  9. ACMM
    • Original Member

    ACMM Gold Member

    Gargoyle likes this.
  10. 2soonold
    • Original Member

    2soonold Gold Member

    Well that's a picture I want to get outta my mind.:eek::D
    RKG and Gargoyle like this.
  11. Freddie Listo
    • Original Member

    Freddie Listo Gold Member

    It depends on who you ask. ;)
    Gargoyle likes this.
  12. Freddie Listo
    • Original Member

    Freddie Listo Gold Member

    Bucket please!
    Gargoyle likes this.
  13. mikeef
    • Original Member

    mikeef Silver Member

    Yeah, but Silver members get to buy AMR stock at an 80% discount to Monday night's closing price.

  14. ab3i
    • Original Member

    ab3i Silver Member

    Would love to know about this one! :)
    TelevisionTdTina and 2MM_Guy like this.

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