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Star MegaDO 4 - Pre event discussion

Discussion in 'SMD4 (Star MegaDO #4)' started by tommy777, Dec 29, 2011.  |  Print Topic


What alternative do you prefer

Poll closed Jan 6, 2012.
  1. The Nordic affair with a touch of Poland

  2. The Mediterranean medley

  3. Asian Dawn

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. mriguy35

    mriguy35 Member

    New here. Would have loved to be at the last Megado. Asian Dawn sounds fantastic.
  2. HansGolden

    HansGolden Silver Member

    Launch party people get priority reservations, right? Well, I guess I'd better come to the launch party then, because I don't want to risk missing it.
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  3. legalalien
    • Original Member

    legalalien Gold Member

    Let's see if the launch party (whenever and wherever it may be) sells out in 20 min. too.
    • Original Member

    TAHKUCT Gold Member

    Would not be surprised :)
  5. Minnesota Bruin
    • Original Member

    Minnesota Bruin Silver Member

    C'mon La La Land!
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  6. Dreamworks

    Dreamworks Gold Member

    You know, the Cherry Blossoms are coming to DC soon (cough, cough)
    Sean Colahan, jbcarioca and katstarr like this.
  7. IDGflygirl
    • Original Member

    IDGflygirl Gold Member

    Wondering if it might 'coincide' w/FTU @ the end of April!
    jbcarioca and jetsetr like this.
  8. globalexplorer

    globalexplorer Silver Member

    Doesn't everyone want to come to the mile high city? :)
    FrequentMiler, jbcarioca and katstarr like this.
  9. katstarr

    katstarr Gold Member

    I've never been to a launch party!
    • Original Member

    TAHKUCT Gold Member

    + 1
  11. Seacarl
    • Original Member

    Seacarl Gold Member

    I haven't been either. I might plan to attend if I knew when it is...
    • Original Member

    TAHKUCT Gold Member

    Knowing the date and time does help ;)
    Seacarl likes this.
  13. Seacarl
    • Original Member

    Seacarl Gold Member

    Heck even date and city would help. They don't need to open up sign up. Maybe the global telecommunications company is demanding a little of Tommy's time.
    TAHKUCT likes this.
    • Original Member

    TAHKUCT Gold Member

    I think FT University will be announced first and then SMD
    IDGflygirl likes this.
  15. JetAway

    JetAway Silver Member

    I would again like to suggest that previous MegaDo attendees be given the courtesy of an advance opportunity to book, given our previous proven $$ support of these ventures. The organizers should have most of our e-mail addresses as well as other personal information germane to the booking process, all of which should make the initial sales and bookings much smoother.
  16. Randy Petersen
    • Original Member

    Randy Petersen Founder

    I'm hearing that those voting in the Freddie Awards get first notice ... but I'm hard of hearing anyway!
    In due time but the next one up will be a bit different but truly just as great an experience. And not to get off topic, I'll let you know how the call goes tomorrow regarding the first global VirginDo. I'm angling to include the Virgin Galactica but having problems figuring out the logistics of a visit to New Mexico. Anyway, hope you all know we are working hard for you. Thanks.
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  17. IDGflygirl
    • Original Member

    IDGflygirl Gold Member

    Already voted!;)
  18. katstarr

    katstarr Gold Member

    ha! I know I've finally gotten the hang of milepoint (yet, I'm still a silver member), when I realize that I wouldn't be surprised to see a new youtube from some disgruntled person venting about this.
    YULtide likes this.
  19. jetsetr
    • Original Member

    jetsetr Gold Member

    As much as this would benefit you, me, and others who have been on DOs, that's kind of unfair to newbies who want to join in on the fun, no? I mean, if we discriminate by means of "I've been on a DO before so I should have priority," then why not take the next logical step and say, "Well, I've been on three DOs, and you've been on only one, so you are now lower in the pecking order."

    Maybe a more equitable solution is to have people speak their interest with non-refundable "license fees" to better gauge interest (since officially, money cannot be collected for a charter until registered with the DOT - and yes, I know this is not a US-based DO).

    But even this is problematic, since even if we had enough interest to fill a jumbo jet, we couldn't fly a jumbo profitably without cargo subsidies, so we'd still be on a narrow gauge aircraft, and then we might still have the same capacity constraints.

    Anyway, my main point is that giving priority based on previous DO participation doesn't seem in the spirit of MilePoint, IMHO.
  20. jetsetr
    • Original Member

    jetsetr Gold Member

    On the other hand, prioritization based on MilePoint status was used for OWMD (Golds had second priority after launch party attendees) and maybe that's a fairer demarcation line. Maybe.
    Cochiti, FrequentMiler and IDGflygirl like this.
  21. Seacarl
    • Original Member

    Seacarl Gold Member

    OK, I voted. But it didn't ask me for my milepoint name ... so how's that going to work? Isn't FT promoting the Freddies too?
    TAHKUCT likes this.
  22. jetsetr
    • Original Member

    jetsetr Gold Member

    I'm guessing Randy was speaking somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

    FT's awards are different. IMHO, FT's awards are a weak sister compared to the Freddies.
  23. Randy Petersen
    • Original Member

    Randy Petersen Founder

    Oh, I know where to find you — you're in my upgrade file!!!
  24. Seacarl
    • Original Member

    Seacarl Gold Member

    Oops, I've been seeing (and ignoring) those "I Voted 2012 Awards" balloons all over FT - just assumed it was the same awards. Oops I think it's not. I'm not sure what the FT awards are.
    • Original Member

    TAHKUCT Gold Member

    Where do you vote for Freddie Awards?

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