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UA Mileage Plus Visa Signature existing cardmember 5K Bonus

Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by decerbodsubs, Mar 4, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. decerbodsubs
    • Original Member

    decerbodsubs Silver Member

    I've been a cardmember for about 11 months. Did anyone else get this email today? Text below:

    Subject: Bonus: You've received 5,000 award miles on us
    Sender: Mileage Plus Partners email@info.united.com

    Special bonus: We've deposited 5,000 bonus miles into your account as a thank you.
    You now have X miles. That's 5,000 more than you had on Tuesday.

    As a special thank you for being a Mileage Plus® Visa Signature® cardmember, we have deposited 5,000 bonus miles into your account.

    Enjoy 5,000 bonus award miles as a thank you.
    We appreciate your business as a Mileage Plus Visa Signature cardmember and wanted to let you know. Your miles are already in your account to use as you wish.
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  2. eap
    • Original Member

    eap Silver Member

    Is it possible that this is the 5,000 miles offered upon each anniversary?
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  3. decerbodsubs
    • Original Member

    decerbodsubs Silver Member

    Yep it is possible. I don't remember reading that it was a benefit but it may be a new benefit too. I was thinking it was more of a "we would like you not to cancel once we charge the annual fee" type of thing.
  4. Scottrick
    • Original Member

    Scottrick Gold Member

    It is not stated on the application form. However, I have seen it listed in other random places. Works out pretty nicely especially since, as far as I recall, you can pay for the annual fee with about 9,500 miles.
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  5. bmg42000
    • Original Member

    bmg42000 Gold Member

    I believe that my UA signiture offers 5000 points on the anniversary. It was mentioned when I signed up.
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  6. decerbodsubs
    • Original Member

    decerbodsubs Silver Member

    Thanks everyone for weighing in. I was pleased but bewildered by the email.
  7. oblonsky3

    oblonsky3 New Member

    Also what credit card companies do is give you miles for over/under use. Say you just opened a card for the original sign-up bonus (I plead guilty) and then forgot about it for a few months...credit card companies know what the deal is and will offer bonus points for use. "Spend $1000 every month for 3 months and get 5k per month" is something I've gotten before (roughly, can't remember the award miles).

    I have CO, UA, and DL credit cards, but the UA one is my one of choice.

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