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Where We All Fly From

Discussion in 'Community Center' started by kiwi, Feb 16, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. kiwi
    • Original Member

    kiwi Gold Member

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  2. kiwi
    • Original Member

    kiwi Gold Member

    Updated to post #277
  3. onlyairfare

    onlyairfare Silver Member

    I'm in the US, but I have trouble deciding where I live.

    Right now, I "live" in a hotel in FLG, my cars are registered in Washington State and I own a home and vote there too (BLI). But then I was going to change to a new job in North Carolina, bought a house near CLT, but I landed short, so here I am in northern Arizona. I fly out of PHX sometimes when the price is right.
  4. Saracen
    • Original Member

    Saracen Silver Member

    SIN for me.
  5. PanAm
    • Original Member

    PanAm Silver Member

    DAY is officially home but CMH and CVG are also my "personal co-terminals"
  6. JennB
    • Original Member

    JennB Gold Member

    USA - Georgia - ATL
  7. psollitt
    • Original Member

    psollitt Gold Member

    UK - LBA or MAN, depending on routes
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  8. cennas
    • Original Member

    cennas Gold Member

    CGK and SIN for me.
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  9. PRGN_Legacy
    • Original Member

    PRGN_Legacy Active Member

    North America
  10. haakonks

    haakonks Silver Member

    OSL for me...
  11. kiwi
    • Original Member

    kiwi Gold Member

    updated to post #286
  12. Someone
    • Original Member

    Someone Silver Member

    Oslo OSL :)
  13. 2wheels

    2wheels Silver Member

    SMF Sacramento
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  14. SK2868
    • Original Member

    SK2868 Silver Member

    BGO Bergen, Norway
  15. Eloy Fonseca Neto
    • Original Member

    Eloy Fonseca Neto Silver Member

    North America:


    South America

  16. Mapsmith
    • Original Member

    Mapsmith Gold Member

    TUS but if necessary PHX. Wish I could fly more.
  17. armagebedar
    • Original Member

    armagebedar Silver Member

    I'm a TYO-based flyer (using HND, NRT, and occasionally RJTF to fly around).
  18. mevlannen
    • Original Member

    mevlannen Silver Member

    In Canada: YQQ (Comox). I have not yet seen anyone with MP baggage-tags; I suppose that we're too far out in the boonies for that.
    In the States: BOS (Boston), where I occasionally bump into SYM when our travelling-days mesh. [insert affable wave to SYM!]
    • Original Member

    TRAVELSIG Gold Member

    Has anyone seen MP baggage tags yet??
  20. samh004
    • Original Member

    samh004 Gold Member

    I guess I could be BNE or OOL… as they’re both equal distance away. :)

    Not in Australia… but I’m wondering how long they take to ship here :p
  21. clanum

    clanum Member

    I'm based out of RNO.
    Currently, I'm flying down to SJC every week.
    I need 5 more trips back east this year to maintain EXP, so this SJC project needs to end :)
  22. kiwi
    • Original Member

    kiwi Gold Member

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  23. kiwi
    • Original Member

    kiwi Gold Member

    Updated to post #297
  24. Travelsavant
    • Original Member

    Travelsavant Gold Member

    SFO & occasionally, Oakland
  25. SuperFlyBoy
    • Original Member

    SuperFlyBoy Silver Member

    EWR, BOM and SIN...AAL during part of the summer.

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