12 surprising things you can take on a plane

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    By now most travelers know the Transportation Security Administration’s carry-on rules: Don't bring bottles of liquids more than 3.4 ounces; don't wrap presents because they may be inspected; don't bring knives or sharp objects.

    Judging by the endless list of what you cannot carry on board -- antlers, snow globes, Donny’s baseball bats, little Jimmy’s bows and arrows, Dad’s drills and drill bits -- but you might be surprised at what you can bring on board.

    The TSA will allow unloaded firearms on board, for instance, but they must be checked, not kept in carry-on. What about camp stoves, parachute rigs, Grandma Sara’s remains or her knitting needles you just inherited?

    Here are a host of things that you may want to take on a flight but never thought you could.

    Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2012/04/22/surprising-things-can-take-on-plane/
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    13. For a select few, still, their dignity.
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    I should not say this the TSA will start hunting me, but I have taken a knife on me EVERY trip for the last 2 years now. Never once detected, never once mentioned. Not even hidden, in plain sight. I've been through the newest carryon detection systems with fully automated bin systems (not bad) to some ancient systems.

    It is a myth that there are no knives allowed :) because clearly they don't have the ability to know.
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    I think you can take a pen as long as it does not have over 50mls of ink in it. You can take lip gloss just out it in a Ziploc bag.Anything else that is liquid you can take on carry on just put it in a plastic baggie.You can put any liquid in a bag that is goin g under the plane(other wise: a bag that is NOT a carry on).

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    Regarding the taking of prescription medicines in another zip lock bag. They have never been checked as to what the liquids/creams are in those prescription bottles/jars. They are great when they are no longer needed, keep the prescription label on them and fill them with whatever you want and since there is no limit in size they would be great for cream cheese, a shot or two of bourbon, salsa, etc.
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    I don't even take my little zip lock bag out of my carry-on any more. I forgot once last year and just sent the whole thing through and they never said a word. Now i don't even bother.

    Of course now that i said this next week i will get "reminded" on my trip to San Francisco.
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    Neither do I. Haven't done so for 2-3 years and no one has said a word about it.
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    I was going to buy a small alligator head in New Orleans. Didn't end up buying but wonder if I would have had a problem with it in my carry on, as it had a mouth full of very sharp teeth.
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