17,500 Continental Miles from Energy Star

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    This is targeted to people in NY, but if you play with the URL you can get NJ, PA, CT all are 10,000+ miles. Just change ".../openpass/ny/..." to your designated state. ENJOY!


    Enjoy these great benefits with Energy Plus
    • Earn up to 17,500 OnePassĀ® Miles as a special bonus after your second month as an Energy Plus customer*
      • Earn 12,500 miles on electric service
      • Earn 15,000 miles on electric service if you are a Continental Airlines Chase credit or debit Cardmember
      • Earn an additional 2,500 miles on natural gas service
    • Earn OnePass Miles every month on the supply portion of your bills*
      • Earn 2 miles for every $1 you spend automatically
      • Earn 3 miles for every $1 you spend if you are a Continental Airlines Chase credit or debit Cardmember
    • Month-to-month rate plan where you are not locked in to a long-term commitment**
    • You're in control since you can cancel at any time without paying a termination fee

    Electricity offer valid for NY residents excluding areas serviced by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA). Natural gas offer valid for NY residents with heating accounts in areas serviced by Consolidated Edison, National Grid (Keyspan NY), National Grid (Niagara Mohawk), Orange & Rockland and National Fuel Gas. Energy Plus reserves the right to discontinue or modify the program and other offers cannot be combined with this offer. Your local utility company will continue to deliver your electricity and/or natural gas, as applicable. Energy Plus reserves the right to discontinue or modify the program and other special offers cannot be combined with this offer. Offer not valid for government entities.

    *Bonus offer only available to new Energy Plus customers. If enrolling an electric account, 12,500 bonus miles or 15,000 bonus miles for Continental Airlines Chase credit or debit cardmembers will be awarded to OnePass members after completing two months of active service with Energy Plus. If enrolling a natural gas account, 2,500 bonus miles will be awarded to Continental OnePass members after completing two months of active gas service with Energy Plus. Active accounts are defined as those (i) that are billing more than $0 and (ii) for which Energy Plus has not received a request on behalf of the customer to discontinue (drop) their service. Please note, if you enroll both electric and gas accounts, it is possible your services will start on different dates - so your bonuses may be awarded on different dates. You will earn 2 miles for every $1 spent on the supply portion of the monthly bill. Members who are Continental Airlines Chase credit or debit cardmembers will earn 3 miles for every $1 spent on the supply portion of the monthly bill.

    **Electricity service is provided through Energy Plus Holdings LLC and natural gas service is through its affiliate Energy Plus Natural Gas LP. The Energy Plus rate is variable and therefore subject to change each billing cycle. Current and historical rates should not be taken as a guarantee of future rates and Energy Plus makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding specific savings.

    If you are currently on a Budget Billing plan, your monthly budget billing amount may be adjusted as a result of enrollment with Energy Plus. In addition, your utility may perform a true-up upon enrollment with Energy Plus. Depending on various factors, including season, this true-up could result in a charge, or a credit.

    To qualify for the Continental Airlines Chase credit or debit special offer, you must already be a Cardmember at the time you sign up with Energy Plus. Mileage bonuses are being offered solely by Energy Plus and will not appear on your Continental Airlines credit card and/or debit card billing statement(s). Current Energy Plus members that are Continental Airlines Chase credit or debit Cardmembers are not eligible for the bonus miles but will receive the increased mileage offer for every $1 spent on their monthly supply portion of the bill. Offer not valid for government entities. All Continental OnePass terms and conditions apply. OnePass reserves the right to modify or terminate the program according to the OnePass Member Guide at continental.com.
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    Check the rates they are charging you for the electrons. In many cases it is not worth it for the bonus miles versus what you'll see in a spike in your bill.
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  3. yaychemistry

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    Yeah, I was excited about Energy Plus when I first heard about them about a year ago... then I started researching.

    They charge a variable rate, which changes daily. However, I have no idea how they calculate that rate. I sent several emails to them asking for details and they only send the same canned response to the effect of "It's a daily market based rate, and because it is variable we cannot tell you what it will be." If you want to know what the historical record is you have to all them and ask on the phone... and then it doesn't seem so competitive anymore, especially compared with many of the fixed rates you can get in CT. Since they're so opaque about the price you'll pay for electricity I decided it wasn't worth the miles.
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    15,000 miles bonus might be worth it. I got mailers about this last year for 5-7k UA miles.
    I called to get details
    generally speaking you bill will spike. looks like you need a two month committment here. so you really have to be on the ball and on top of your bills to get in and out fast.
    This service is part of the "genius" Bush era energy deregulation and is basically a scam for these energy service providers to scam their way to huge charges. This is the type of stuff that screwed Californians years ago with Enron.
    considering an electricity bill for us could run 50$/month, even if it doubled, and we actually got 15k miles and got out quickly without headaches and multiple long phone calls, that CPM value could be there. but i remember last year thinking that the risks and headsches seemed to high.
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  5. chrislacey
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    I too jumped on the bandwagon a while ago. At the beginning, with the credit that was applied for so many months, it really wasn't any more than what I was paying. Fast forward 6+ months later...and my bills were through the roof! I shopped around online and found another supplier and it cut my bill a TON. Just be careful, and do your research first before accepting this offer.
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  6. hooterbif

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    I did research on this, and similar, offers. I found that they are basically scams. Your rates will eventually be way higher than typical market rates if you sign up for this.
  7. NYBanker
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    EnergyPlus is classic bait and switch scheme. They will lure you with a low rate, then quickly increase it to a well above market rate.

    Here is a play-by-play of my experience with them. http://www.sitinfirst.com/2011/03/beware-energy-plus-miles-for-your-power-bill/

    If you have low power consumption, it might be worth it to sign up for the three months it takes to get the signup bonus - but the value of the ongoing miles is far outweighed by the above market prices that they charge.

    Note that the team behind Energy Plus is team largely from the credit card industry. Their CEO was the founder of First USA (bought by Bank One, and now ultimately part of JPMorgan Chase), which was a credit card issuer known for aggressive tactics. (First USA did allow for free-free convenience checks for a few years in the early 90's - back when interest rates were a few points higher, I played them for the float - but that's for another post.)

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  8. Anglo Large Clawed Otter
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    <deleted> Was thinking of one of the other scam-for-miles energy companies.
  9. PedroNY
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    I know that I posted the original post, but I wanted to add my personal experience with these guys. So I been with them for about 6 months now, my electric supply portion of the bill is about the same as it was with PSE&G, I did not notice any spikes in my electic bill.

    Just my experience, that's all I have to go on. I did sign up with the 7,500 mile promo. So I gave them a call to see if I can have the difference between the old promotion and the new promotion. They gave me additional 2,500 miles, so total of 10,000.

    This new promo could be a good thing for someone to top off their Continental account, use their service for about 2-3 months, and then go back -- I would imagine it is worth 15,000+ miles.



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