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$25 Amex Statement Credit on Small Business Saturday- 11/24/12 Register starting on 11/18/12

Discussion in 'American Express | Membership Rewards' started by Max M, Nov 7, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. Max M

    Max M Gold Member

  2. DJP_707
    • Original Member

    DJP_707 Silver Member

    Thanks for the reminder, last year I got the $25 on each of my Amex cards (3). I look forward to supporting small business Saturday again this year.
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    • Original Member

    TAHKUCT Gold Member

    All of my 7 Amex Cards are on standby. Thanks for sharing. Awaiting 11/18/12 so I can register.
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  4. jrjcopp
    • Original Member

    jrjcopp Silver Member

    Only registered small business locations qualify.

    "Qualifying small business locations are those identified on the Shop Small® Map, available ​
    at ShopSmall.com. In addition, small business locations that accept American Express through ​
    Square also qualify and can be found on the Square Directory ​
    at https://squareup.com/directory/?cmpId=amex or from your mobile phone using the Square ​
    Wallet app. Small business locations that do not appear on the Shop Small® Map or that do not ​
    accept American Express through Square will not qualify for the $25 statement credit offer." ​

    Is this new?
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  5. Andyandy
    • Original Member

    Andyandy Gold Member

    I was coming here to post this very thing. Just stumbled across it looking for confirmation that the $25 credit deal was repeating this year.

    I'm giddy as a schoolgirl! Time to set my alarm for midnight Mountain Time, Nov. 18.
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  6. JoeCortez

    JoeCortez Silver Member

    None of the gaming stores that I frequent often are on the Small Business Saturday site. I guess nerds don't use American Express...*sad trombone*
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  7. Dad to GO

    Dad to GO Silver Member

    Looks like I'll be racking up the $25 gift cards to our local movie theater and baby boutique store this year! :p
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  8. servo

    servo Silver Member

    Not new to 2012. It was that way last year as well. I can't speak for prior to that.
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  9. DJP_707
    • Original Member

    DJP_707 Silver Member

    I found my local Chinese food take out place listed. Funny because they always say they don't accept AMEX, and always request a VISA or MC.
    I think I'll be demanding they take Amex from now on.
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  10. Max M

    Max M Gold Member

    I would check back on November 18th and see if that changes.

    Hopefully it will. :)
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  11. deant
    • Original Member

    deant Milepoint Guide

    Remember that you can also buy "gift cards" at many small business'. We will buy number gift cards at a garden shop / restaurant we go to regularly. Can then use the cards later in the year.
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  12. Mapsmith
    • Original Member

    Mapsmith Gold Member

    Got mine last year at a restaurant that was on iDine. Points posted then the $25 Statement Credit. Miles for Free!

    And I have registered my Business again this year. And will be promoting Small Biz Saturday throughout the store.
  13. JoeCortez

    JoeCortez Silver Member

    Funny you should mention that...as a way to procrastinate writing about this upcoming storm, I went to look at the SBS website again...and the map was disabled! I'm assuming that they pulled it to add Facebook OpenGraph functionality to it...but here's to hoping they are instead rebuilding the database to show all accepting participants.

    There is hope for me yet! I hope.
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  14. Mapsmith
    • Original Member

    Mapsmith Gold Member

    Hope you are right. Although it seems like they are compressing the time period for registration this year (compared to last year)
  15. murakami

    murakami Silver Member

    My favorite little beer store is a participant. This makes me happy.
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  16. Jimgotkp
    • Original Member

    Jimgotkp Gold Member

    Registration is officially up an hour early!
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  17. LauraPDX

    LauraPDX Silver Member

    Just registered all 4 of my AMEX cards, but it doesn't accept the bluebird card.:(
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  18. DJP_707
    • Original Member

    DJP_707 Silver Member

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  19. deant
    • Original Member

    deant Milepoint Guide

    Registered all of my cards and have received confirmations.
  20. deant
    • Original Member

    deant Milepoint Guide

    Bluebird can not be registered because it is a prepaid card.
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  21. IPBrian

    IPBrian Silver Member

    I just did all my cards...can confirm BB and PP are rejected by the enrollment page (not just in T&C). G'night everyone.
  22. Flying Machine

    Flying Machine Silver Member

    Thanks for the tip, I just registered. Seems that the Map is working for me. Looking forward..
  23. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    Yes, accepted my card through their company as well as my AMEX card through CitiBank/AA. Already have a meal planned at a locally owned restaurant, and a deluxe car wash at a locally owned company, planned for Saturday.
  24. cvsara
    • Original Member

    cvsara Gold Member

    From the way the small print reads, you can register two (or more) cards that are on the same billing account, As long as they have different card numbers. I note that on the HHonors cards, the numbers are different. A nice double dip, I think.
  25. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    I did the math on this last year -- if I recall after they gave an estimate on the number of participating "cardmembers," though my memory is foggy on that part -- and the numbers boggled my mind. I mean it came to well, well, into the millions of dollars out of American Express Co.'s pocket. I realize part of it is advertising and promotion, and that costs money. I also realize there is perhaps some good citizenship toward small business, as well as the company hoping small businesses will stick with them throughout the year even though the per-transaction fees to the small businesses may be lower with other credit card companies. But even trying to think all that through, the numbers still boggled my little mind. Anyway, thanks for this, American Express Co.!

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