3 Free United Lounge Passes

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  1. JanaW

    JanaW Member

    I have 3 United Red Carpet passes that expire on October 31, 2012. I've tried to give them away and no one I know seems to have any United flights planned. I got them free when United was doing a giveaway in LA last year and I really hate the idea of these going to waste...so, does anyone have a flight before Oct. 31 and can use 'em? I will mail them to you... :)
  2. edekba

    edekba Gold Member

    damnit I knew i should've booked UA vs AA ...

    Thanks for the Offer though!
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  3. kdw038

    kdw038 Gold Member

    Two flights in Oct (NY/DCA) if still available. If not, thanks for the offer.
  4. unavaca
    • Original Member

    unavaca Gold Member

    I wouldn't mind a visit to the UC in HNL next month! Thanks!
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  5. Canadi>n
    • Original Member

    Canadi>n Gold Member

    Off to good homes. Nice gesture Newbie!
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  6. JanaW

    JanaW Member

    You were first, so all yours. If you want to msg me your address I will mail them out to you tomorrow. Glad you can use them!
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  7. BWIflyer
    • Original Member

    BWIflyer Silver Member

    I could use it if it is still available
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  8. kdw038

    kdw038 Gold Member

    Very nice gesture and welcome to Milepoint!
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  9. guberif

    guberif Silver Member

    Keep coming back. Especially if you have free stuff :)
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  10. Jimgotkp
    • Original Member

    Jimgotkp Gold Member

    Very nice of you, JanaW! Welcome to MP! May karma come to you in the future ;) :)
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  11. BothofUs

    BothofUs Silver Member

    Nice gesture, JanaW ! Glad they will be put to good use for a fellow MP'er.
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  12. KenInEscazu

    KenInEscazu Gold Member

    Welcome JanaW. That was very thoughtful of you. It's easy to forget about these valuable goodies if we can't use them ourselves. Acts such as yours make this more than just a place to come and complain. (Something I'm quite guilty of. ;))

    I don't drink alcohol, but I keep my drink coupons with me at all times and give them away to people I meet who might enjoy them. I recently sat next to a guy in F whose S.O. was stuck in coach. They were a nice young couple, and she joked that he could bring her a drink later. I gave him a coupon to take back to her, and you would have thought I was Santa Clause from the way they appreciated it. We FFers take these things for granted, but the general public who cumulatively really finance our over-entitledness really appreciate an unexpected perk. I enjoy giving the stuff away at least as much as the recipients enjoy the surprise gift.
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  13. edekba

    edekba Gold Member

    I could never Pull that off ... nor would I want to.
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  14. KenInEscazu

    KenInEscazu Gold Member

    They were about 30 years my juniors, and I didn't really feel like starting a flight-long conversation, but I kinda thought the same thing at first. Upon further thought, though, I thought of many possible scenarios where he could have ended up there with her in coach. They may have had an upgrade RT and split the benefit. Maybe they flipped a coin for it. Maybe it was because he was about 6'1" and she was about 5'4". Who knows?

    I'm no Dr. Phil. I have a few exes who I wish I hadn't pampered so well. :D
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  15. pyndasky

    pyndasky Silver Member

    nice move ken, but be careful.... nowadays that could be mistaken for wealth re-distribution ;)
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  16. hulagrrl210
    • Original Member

    hulagrrl210 Gold Member

    Thanks for posting! :) Sorry I missed out :(
  17. KenInEscazu

    KenInEscazu Gold Member

    I think that is popular in some circles! :D
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    • Original Member

    THREEA4ME Silver Member

    My girlfriend is gonna be stuck in Toronto for five hours on October 3 and we sure could have used one then. (if there are any at YYZ). But a generous offer nonetheless.
  19. OnTehWings
    • Original Member

    OnTehWings Gold Member

    As long as it's not the gift that keeps on giving ;).
  20. edekba

    edekba Gold Member

    I saw some lounges have rules that state you can only be inside for a max of 3 hrs. Not sure if that is enforced or not.

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