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3ppl not allowed for C&P rate?

Discussion in 'Starwood | Preferred Guest' started by edekba, Aug 26, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. edekba

    edekba Gold Member

    So I was looking for a room to share w/2 ppl and I noticed that SPG.com states that C&P rate is only valid for 2 ppl.

    So does that mean we can't ask for a rollaway, or etc? Is housekeeping gonna report that there is 3 toothbrushes? I don't get it.

    Anyone have any exp about this?
  2. mattsteg
    • Original Member

    mattsteg Gold Member

    Call the hotel. To the best of my knowledge all Starwood redemptions are for double occupancy as per standard terms and conditions, so you'll want to reach out to the hotel to confirm details, if you are concerned or think that you'll need to ask for a rollaway etc.
  3. Global Explat
    • Original Member

    Global Explat Silver Member

    I'm in an SPG hotel in Europe right now with two adjoining rooms both paid with C+P. Wife + self + infant (crib provided) in one room. Next room is a twin, with my three other children in it. To get a rollaway bed in the next room, they would have charged extra, which we decided we didn't need....
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  4. edekba

    edekba Gold Member

    How did you get two c&p redemptions would be my next question.
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  5. marcwint55

    marcwint55 Gold Member

    Never had a problem with a hotel in this instance.
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  6. marcwint55

    marcwint55 Gold Member

    probably one for husband ond one for wife. We have reservations next month in Japan doing the exact same thing.
  7. mattsteg
    • Original Member

    mattsteg Gold Member

    I've held multiple simultaneous C&P reservations in the past, as when changing plans I prefer to have the new one locked in and booked prior to canceling the old. I did not hold them for an extended period, and certainly not up until checkin, but other than not being able to book 2 rooms on the same reservation I don't think there's a problem with booking multiple rooms.
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  8. Global Explat
    • Original Member

    Global Explat Silver Member

    Just wanted to correct my earlier statement: I checked my account, and our current booking is actually two free night awards (two separate bookings, both on the same account). However we have had two other 2 room C+P bookings so far this year.

    ...and thats how we did that also.

    But- in response again to the original question, one of our bookings did have a rollaway in one room and a crib in the other (this was for 2 C+P bookings at Sheraton La Caleta Resort, Tenerife) both with no extra charge.
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