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  1. viguera
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    You can use facebook, but you don't have to :)


    The AAdvantage eShopping mall wants to make your holiday shopping more rewarding. Now through December 31, enter the Merry Miles Sweepstakes and play our Instant–Win Game to see if you could be a lucky winner!

    You could be one of the lucky winners:

    •Four (4) Grand Prize winners will receive 250,000 AAdvantage® miles through the Sweepstakes
    •Thirty-five (35) winners each week through the Instant–Win game will receive 5,000 AAdvantage miles
    •Five (5) winners will receive $100 gift cards each week through the Instant–Win Game

    We're giving away over a million miles and gift cards from top online merchants. Enter and play today, and watch your miles accumulate!

    I went for a turn and got a rock... better luck tomorrow I suppose :)
  2. Newscience

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    Thanks for posting, viguera! Yes, we received the same email from AA. And we've seen similar contests from the AA folks for many years. I'd love to hear from a Milepointer who actually won a "big prize" by entering these AA contests... ;)
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  3. Mapsmith
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    I got a pile of melted snow.
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  4. OnTehWings
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    Nothing but Coal...
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  5. blackjack-21

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    Only open to residents of the U.S. AA is an international airline, with many from other countries who fly them regularly. Yet few if any contests/sweepstakes, etc. are open to others in the world. Not uncommon with the other airlines, hotels, etc., as another country's rules and fees for those promotions are different from those of the U.S. and make it more difficult and costly for those running the contest, but it seems that the contest choosers rarely decide which ones to open for the rest of us. :(
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  6. jwsky
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    Has anyone won "any prize"?
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  7. MSYgirl

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    Just the sign of failure here so far.

    I have won prizes in their other contests before, such as internet access codes and a few thousand miles here or there, so you never know.
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  8. viguera
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    viguera Gold Member

    Nothing at all, day after day
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    TRYING2BPLAT Silver Member

    nothing here either and I am playing with 2 email address. another bogus game to get you to the website.
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