Accor's A|Club Status Upgrades for Flying Blue Elites

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  1. Counsellor
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    I haven't seen it posted here on MilePoints, but the Accor hotel chain's loyalty program, A|Club, will give its members who are Flying Blue elites the status in A|Club that they hold in FB.

    In other words, if you are Gold in Flying Blue, A|Club will upgrade you to Gold status in A|Club.

    All you need to do is to send an e-mail to A|Club at contact.aclub [at] giving your A|Club number and your Flying Blue number, mention your Flying Blue status, and that you understand A|Club will match that status. In my experience, you'll get a return e-mail a day or two later saying they have upgraded your status, giving you your new A|Club number (the number changes slightly depending on your elite status, just as the old Flying Dutchman number used to), and promising you'll get your new card in the mail soon.

    If you're not already an A|Club member, you can become one by going to the A|Club website at and joining. It's a good club to be a member of if you travel in Europe a lot, since the Accor chain has thousands of hotels using its various brands in Europe. It's particularly handy if you are an elite member of another hotel chain, and that chain doesn't have a property where you are staying but the Accor chain does, since you'll get elite treatment there instead of having to settle for mere "guest" status elsewhere. :D

    This, coupled with the recent FB status match promotion, also raises some interesting possibilities. For example, a United Airlines 1K member could have matched status to Flying Blue as a Platinum, and could now take that FB Platinum membership and use it to join A|Club and upgrade to Platinum level in A|Club.
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  2. gleff
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    Thanks, Counsellor, very cool. I'm already an Accor Platinum from another signup offer but useful for folks who are not. The status has limited benefit compared to many other programs, but they did earn a Frequent Traveler Award for Best Customer Service this year. And walking in with top tier status is certainly better than walking in without status!
  3. jetsetter
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    I was an A-Club gold member but really offered me nothing out of the ordinary. More shockingly is after complaining for mistreatment in one of the hotels in Paris I was dealt with in a very rude way that made me drop the whole program.
  4. ixs


    I recently stayed in a Novotel in Berlin after taking advantage of the match to A|Club Platinum.

    I was not really impressed by the programme so far. The hotel was okay, the regular room was spacious enough, especially compared to other chains, breakfast was decent.
    But the programme didn't really offer any benefits at all IMHO. More points for the Platinum member is good but to limit the interesting perks like room upgrades only to the Sofitel etc. is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
  5. thewinchester
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    Well, have just requested a status match and will post back on the results.

    It's been a good run for me. Scored on the VS promo for instant Flying Club Gold last year, which I used for the AF/KLM status match.

    Already an A|Club silver from 6 nights in Asia last year (both stays were double points, and bonus in this program count towards qualification levels.

    So all in all, it's been a good run of status matches if I do say so myself.
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  6. Counsellor
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    Well, there's one more available: You can take the FB Gold to get SEN status in Lufthansa's Miles & More program, which is Star Alliance Gold. See this thread.
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  7. thewinchester
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    The problem is the return flight requirement. I've just become unemployed, and being Australian I'd need to take a positioning flight to SIN then a further return flight just to activate.

    As much as I'd love to try LH, sadly can't finance it at the moment no matter how lucrative SEN might be.
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  8. thewinchester
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    thewinchester Silver Member

    Update on my request: Applied 18/5, Upgrade confirmed and confirmation email received. 24/5.
  9. Richard1148

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    Will any other hotel chains status match to A|Club? I don't know if I will be staying at any A|Club hotels in the near future, but would go ahead and get A|Club Platinum if I thought I might be able to match it elsewhere.
  10. goalie
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    Thank you Counsellor!!!!

    • Enrolled this past Wednesday (5/25) and requested a status match with simple email with both my A\Club and FB numbers
    • Rec'd the "thank you, we'll get back to you" e-mail Friday, 5/27
    • Matched to Platinum e-mail rec'd yesterday (5/28)

    Talk about fast and painless :eek:

    Thank you again!
  11. yousavvy

    yousavvy Silver Member

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    I just got matched from KLM, and will now match Accor :)

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