Admiral Club Passes from Citi - Can my family use them?

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  1. Wings
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    Wings Silver Member

    I can't seem to find a clear answer on this. Through a couple of credit card apps I have 4 day passes to the Admiral's Club. I haven't yet received them, but I've heard they will have my name on them. If I am travelling with family can I get them in with me with these passes? (Spouse & Parents)

  2. brockb

    brockb Silver Member

    Not sure about the other questions, but my passes showed up with the names blank. I can write whatever I please on them ;)
  3. TheBOSman

    TheBOSman Silver Member

    Same. I gave two away to a fellow traveler.
  4. Mikus33

    Mikus33 Silver Member

    I got a single pass with my name and AAdvantage # on it. It expires 5/31, and I won't be flying AA before then. Any chance I would be able to get away with handing it off to a friend to use? And AA requires a ticket on their airline (or partner) to get into their club, correct?
  5. Jh811

    Jh811 Active Member

    Just curious, do you have to request the passes or do they get mailed separately from the credit card? I got my card today but no passes, i hope they come soon

  6. brockb

    brockb Silver Member

    They showed up separately a couple weeks later.
  7. bhoy

    bhoy Silver Member

    I just received my 4 AC passes. No name or AA# on them. They did have to repost mine, it had been a month since receiving my cards and I had an upcoming AA flight, which the passes didn't arrive in time for, but they said that was too long for them not to have arrived to me. So make sure you call Citi if your passes don't arrive after a few weeks.

    A side question for those that have used the passes. Do they require you to be traveling on an AA flight to use them or they don't verify information if you have the pass?

    Thanks in advance.
  8. foxberg

    foxberg Gold Member

    Traveling on AA is not required with a pass. Last year I flew AY and got into AC with a pass.
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  9. bhoy

    bhoy Silver Member

    Thanks for the info foxberg. Appreciated.
  10. anng3
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    anng3 Silver Member

    Which Citi card do you have that sent you the passes? All I get from them is blank checks telling me what a wonderful customer I am. Switching to this card from the Starwood Amex was a big mistake.
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  11. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    I can't recall getting any in recent years, either.
  12. bhoy

    bhoy Silver Member

    @anng I just got the AA Visa & AA Amex this year, each came with two club passes.
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  13. anng3
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    anng3 Silver Member

    Thanks for the info. My husband and I both got the AA Amex and neither of us got any passes.
    I'm going to call and let them know I'm not too happy. We both paid our annual fees for the 2nd year.

    Update just got off the phone. Seems the supervisor said she knew nothing about any passes being sent to anyone. I let her know that this is why people churn cards and it is shortsighted to not take care of current customers in the pursuit of new ones.

    Lesson learned time to learn a new skill, churning credit cards.
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  14. bhoy

    bhoy Silver Member

    Anng3...When I first called about the passes, first, they didn't know anything about them, then they told me they would be added to my AA account online and would see them when i signed into the AA site. Come to find out, from people on this site, the passes are not online and are paper passes. So it seems the Citi reps are not really versed in the lounge passes. I would bet that most people just forget about them and care more about the bonus miles posting. If you didn't get anywhere with the first supervisor and your sign up bonus included passes, I would say give them a call back.

    Good luck.

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