Admirals Club Membership, save $50.00

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  1. malikguy

    malikguy Silver Member

    I don't think this is targeted, but I just got this in an e-mail from AA for those that are interested in an annual membership with the Admirals Club.

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  2. iolaire
    • Original Member

    iolaire Gold Member

    I got
    Partial terms:
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  3. viguera
    • Original Member

    viguera Gold Member

    Yep... mine was save $100 as well.
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  4. Juanefny

    Juanefny Silver Member

    Nada here. All I got was an offer for the darn luggage tags lol
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  5. malikguy

    malikguy Silver Member

    Haha, I totally just got "one-upped". Curious though, are you both EXP?
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  6. iolaire
    • Original Member

    iolaire Gold Member

    I'm nothing, one flight last year, one flight booked for this year, one award trip booked and then canceled last year, nice chunk of Citibank miles in my account.
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  7. malikguy

    malikguy Silver Member

    That's the complete opposite of what I was thinking, but it does kind of make sense because, Gold, Plat, and EXP already get a discount from elite status.
  8. edekba

    edekba Gold Member

    I got $100 ... and im AA Gold
  9. DestinationDavid
    • Original Member

    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    Exactly. ;)
  10. iolaire
    • Original Member

    iolaire Gold Member

    On the flip side if I was to join there may be a good chance that its free money for them.... whereas someone with status will actually use the benefit.

    But my guess is its almost random.
  11. DestinationDavid
    • Original Member

    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    They've offered this type of discount before and it's typically been based on elite status levels. No surprises there.
  12. basiface

    basiface Silver Member

    I got $50. Just don't have a need for it.
  13. foxberg

    foxberg Gold Member

    I got nothing, but I get free entry with AmEx PL anyway.
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  14. anabolism
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    anabolism Gold Member

    I didn't even realize they had stopped offering a discount for new memberships. Since I've been paying for my membership for years, I've been aware of the discounts but they never applied to me, but then again, I do get an elite discount, and there is usually a $50 renewal discount for holding a Citi Business card or just by asking the AAngel. I thought the discount for new memberships used to be more, something like $100-$150, but don't recall for sure.

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