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Airline passenger sues over beverage cart foot injury

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by sobore, Mar 1, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. sobore
    • Original Member

    sobore Gold Member


    A Brazoria County woman claims she was mistreated by flight attendants on an April 26, 2010, Continental Airlines flight after one of the flight attendants allegedly ran over her foot with a beverage cart, according to Harris County court documents filed Tuesday.

    Plaintiff Nancy Seymour claims in her original petition that she was sitting in her seat when a flight attendant crashed the beverage cart into the back of her seat, forcing her heel and foot under the footrest and cutting the skin on top of her foot.

    Read More: http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/pear...cle_4feff0c6-8e6d-505c-83c4-fa868660500a.html
  2. sfo1
    • Original Member

    sfo1 Silver Member

    She's jusst suing now when this happened in April 2010? If I were the judge I would through it out of court. If it "crashed into the back of the seat, how could it run over her foot which would be in front of her seat, or under the seat in front of her, and having cart hit the back of the seat means the front end of the cart could go no further. What a crock.
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  3. CharlesG

    CharlesG Gold Member

    Just wow... people are so unbelievably litigious. People like that should just stay at home, where it's safe.
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  4. NYCAdventurer

    NYCAdventurer Gold Member

    *cough* fraud
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  5. genemk2

    genemk2 Gold Member

    Statute of Limitations? I think it's 2 years for this type of claim in TX (just did a quick google search).
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  6. HaveMilesWillTravel
    • Original Member

    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    And maybe she first tried to settle outside the courtroom?

    In any case, the story is confusing and I don't understand what really happened.
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  7. HaveMilesWillTravel
    • Original Member

    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

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  8. sfo1
    • Original Member

    sfo1 Silver Member

    I doubt staying at home where it is safe would do this woman no good. She would probably trip on her carpet and sue the manufacturer, or better yet get a splinter in her finger, or elsewhere, from some woodwork in the house and sue the builder. I think some of these people have nothing else to do but figure out how to sue someone, hmmm maybe I will sue her for being such and stupid idiot.:p
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  9. sfo1
    • Original Member

    sfo1 Silver Member

    She probably doesn't even know what happened, maybe this all came in a dream to her.
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  10. Critic
    • Original Member

    Critic Silver Member

    The big tip-off for me that this is fraud?

    What CO aircraft has footrests in Y? (If she was in F, they wouldn't be using a cart...)
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  11. HaveMilesWillTravel
    • Original Member

    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    And you think CO doesn't know that? Might just be poor journalism or lawyerism.

    I think to get a better sense of what happened, one would have to pull up the court filing, which presumably describes the whole event in excruciating detail.
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  12. OnTehWings
    • Original Member

    OnTehWings Gold Member

    Had it been a BusinessFirst cabin and a BusinessFirst route they would have used these folding trolleys however this whole thing reeks of massive :rolleyes:.
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  13. chaz4449

    chaz4449 Silver Member

    Wow! Some people just need to get over it and realize that accidents do happen. We should all thank the lady who sued McDonald's for billions after she spilled scaldingly hot coffee in her crotch for setting such a ridiculous legal precedent.
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  14. Bay Pisco Shark
    • Original Member

    Bay Pisco Shark Gold Member

    That Mc Donalds case was far from what you are describing.
    The instant case, we have no idea.
  15. Bay Pisco Shark
    • Original Member

    Bay Pisco Shark Gold Member

    mcd coffee burn.jpg

    The McDonald's Coffee burn. She offered to settle for about $20K. They told her to go FOAD.
  16. chaz4449

    chaz4449 Silver Member

    Okay, you win. I'm not that familiar with the case, and I had to google $OAD. But hey, we haven't seen a picture of that foot though! ;)

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