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  1. kziel

    kziel Silver Member

    I have been to the RCC at NRT four times, and it is nice, but the biggest problem is showers, or lack thereof (at least that I know of). I was checking out the ANA Lounge, at they have showers, so I am wondering what I have to do to get one (do/can I reserve one or is it just first come, first serve).
  2. global_happy_traveller
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    global_happy_traveller Silver Member

    just ask the ANA Lounge agent to direct you into the shower area.......... Once you get into the shower area, you give the Shower Agent your boarding pass in return for a "key with a room number"............ then you go in and do your business.........

    when leaving you return the "key" to the Shower Agent. I believe there are about 8-10 shower cubicles in each of the two lounges........ Gate 40s (mid level) and Gate 50s (upper level)
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  3. kziel

    kziel Silver Member

    Thank you, I look forward to checking it out (although it will be a shame not to have the amazing potato chips at the RCC).
  4. global_happy_traveller
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    global_happy_traveller Silver Member

    there's lot more food at the ANA lounge..... clam chowder, miso soups....... sandwiches, sushi, cookies, noodles..........
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  5. hulagrrl210
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    hulagrrl210 Gold Member

    Can we get into the ANA lounge if we are on a United ticket?
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  6. alohastephen

    alohastephen Gold Member

    I have used both the Narita domestic and Intl lounges while flying and transferring on United flights.

    As a star alliance gold, we have access to both lounges when flying UA.

    As Intl biz class, we have access to the ANA Intl lounge.

    However, without Star Gold, I have been turned away from the ANA domestic lounge when flying into Narita on a United Biz class (and even First class) when connecting domestically. :(
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  7. kziel

    kziel Silver Member

    I've been through Narita three times (all int'l transfers), twice as *G, once as *G in United Business and I have only gone to the RCC. First time going to ANA Lounge and I'm just a *G, so we'll see how it works out.
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  8. kziel

    kziel Silver Member

    I could survive for weeks on the potato chips at the RCC, I'm guessing they are some name brand I eat all the time stateside, but for some reason they are the best I have ever had (and I have heard the same from others).
  9. RichardInSF
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    RichardInSF Silver Member

    Guaranteed that most everyone will find the ANA lounge (either of them) better than the United Club, formerly the RCC.
  10. somempire

    somempire Silver Member

    If I am flying into NRT on Swiss F and connecting on Thai Air in J will I be able to use ANA F lounge or any of the Star Alliance F lounges?
  11. armagebedar
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    armagebedar Silver Member

    No, just the RCC and ANA Lounge intended for business class and *G passengers.
  12. Tad's Broiled Steaks

    Tad's Broiled Steaks Silver Member

    Although I...kinda didn't mind eating the salmon rolls at the RCC, the noodle soups at the ANA lounges (maybe a bit hidden; they aren't found where the rest of the drinks/food is, rather they are next to that area, on a slightly raised platform with extra seating). Also at either lounge, (and brilliantly commonplace country-wide) the sugarless teas are so nice.

    In the ANA lounge (*G one, at least), the look is sleek and minimalist, while in the RCC, it is...well, it's usually so busy I just head straight for the sushi, and then go to the ANA one and its soothing showers.
  13. petrapenang

    petrapenang Silver Member

    Here at NRT now...

    United ticket holders can access the ANA lounge (G & 2nd Floor) and the United Club lounge (3rd Floor) in Terminal 1 but I like the ANA lounge better, except for the showers, which is HOT inside the bathroom. I started sweating before and after shower!!!

    The food in ANA is much better than the food in the United Club lounge, far better. However, the UA Club lounge is much bigger and less crowded than ANA lounge. Another plus with ANA lounge is that they store luggage for you if you decide to go out of the airport or roam around whereas the disappointing UA Club lounge doesn't have this service. The UA Club's large space and less people meant quieter than ANA lounge.

    A plus with UA Club lounge is that they have special lounge for the F travelers and free calls to China, Germany, France, Korea and Thailand... no USA??? That's sick considering the "great" infrastructures...!!! But you do have an option to use those blood-sucking AT&T, MCI and Sprint hotlines... and free calls to United Reservation Service! Woohoo.... :(

    Both lounges are far apart, basically like one at each end of Terminal 1 but since most if not all United flights are between these 2 lounges, take your pick accordingly.
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