Applying for multiple Chase cards in the same churn

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  1. jbeutel23

    jbeutel23 Silver Member

    Hi all,
    I am new to this and about to start my second churn. I need some solid advice about applying for multiple Chase CCs on one churn. During my first churn, I applied for the two AA cards (50k each), Southwest (50K), and US Airways (40k), so I only have one Chase CC. From what I have read, you should only sign-up for 4ish Chase cards a year. However, looking ahead to all the great CC options, while also considering that I only want to sign up for one card with a high spend requirement per churn, Chase has about three cards I want (Sapphire, United, Priority Club). Should I hold back and only sign up for one of them and look for a few other less appealing cards on my next churn? If so, any advice on other great sign up bonuses with little or no spend requirements? As is, I plan on trying to churn the US Airways card.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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  2. miles and smiles
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    miles and smiles Gold Member

    Chase rarely allows people to receive more than one personal card at a time. With Chase you need to proceed slowly, because Chase doesn't like it when folks apply for their cards just for mile/point bonuses.
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  3. mommypoints

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    I would also not do more than one personal Chase card at a time (occasionally that works for your 1st and 2nd Chase cards, but I wouldn't even really recommend that personally). However, you could go for a personal and business Chase card, if you do anything that could constitute a business. :) Good luck!
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  4. FlyingBear
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    FlyingBear Silver Member

    This is covered elsewhere in this forum, but Chase can let you apply for two cards. Generally what will happen is that the second card will either be auto-rejected or require you to call in. Providing extra information and willing to take a chunk off of the other cards' credit lines will most likely get you the second card. I just got United and Priority Club at the same time a couple of months ago. The only thing I had to say for PC was that yes, you can take part of CL on my United card and I want it because of no foreign fee.
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  5. gleff
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    gleff Co-founder

    You can do a Chase personal and business card at the same time.
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  6. miles and smiles
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    miles and smiles Gold Member

    I have corrected my post to read "Chase rarely allows people to receive more than one card at a time". There are, of course, always exceptions to any "rule". Also, not everyone has enough extra credit to trade, not everyone has a good enough relationship with Chase to receive reconsideration. I would call it a YMMV situation that requires research and caution. People have definitely been denied by Chase for applying for too many cards and have also been denied when calling for reconsideration.
  7. MDDCFlyer

    MDDCFlyer Silver Member

    Chase is really careful. I have been automatically denied for Chase card just because I had to many applications with them - which is strange as in 2011 I opened only 2 new Chase cards, but I guess that was enough (the last one 5-6 months ago). They did not even do credit pull. It was easy enough to get it through the reconsideration line, but not without re-allocating some of the credit from other card (had only 2 active).
    Depending on my hotel stays strategy I would like to get another Chase card, but I will give it at least 6 months before I even try.

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