[Apr 21, 2012] NYC MiniDO: Burger Bash! (New York, NY)

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NYC MiniDO: Burger Bash!
Start Date: Apr 21, 2012 01:00 PM
End Date: Apr 21, 2012 03:00 PM
Time Zone: America/New_York -04:00 EDT

Minetta Tavern
113 MacDougal St
New York, NY 10012

Posted By: CharlesG

Confirmed Attendees: 5
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  1. CharlesG

    CharlesG Gold Member

    Hey fellow MPers in the NYC area! MLW20 and I have had the absolutely gob-smackingly brilliant idea to start a semi-regular 'Do for those of us in the NYC area who love burgers. The gist is this: once every couple of months, an undetermined number of dedicated MPers will visit one of the best burger spots in NYC to chow down and chat about life, love, and miles.

    So for our first outing, we have the really ambitious idea of heading to the great Minetta Tavern for Saturday brunch to sample their legendary Minetta or Black Label burgers. It's not an easy place to get into, hence the way early warning. NOTE BENE: Because of possible reservation issues with Minetta Tavern, if we get a ton of RSVP's, we may relocate to another venue (TBD) instead-- I won't know until the 21st of this month.

    Come join us! We can plan the NYC Burger Bash Gym Do afterward to work off the burgers!
  2. deltagoldLass

    deltagoldLass Silver Member

    What is the date and time for minetta tavern please?
    Wow it's been around a long time and I have not been there since the dinosaurs stomped about!
  3. deltagoldLass

    deltagoldLass Silver Member

    Oh no I cannot be there that weekend of apr 21 how about 1st weekend in may
    Or weekend before the 21st April
    Oh my my my please try
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  4. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    We should also chat about burgers! Isn't that part of the reason for this DO! LOL

    We can only make a reservation online for up to 4 people, one month in advance. I guess we'll have to call to see how it works for a larger party.
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  5. mad_iceman

    mad_iceman Active Member

    count me in so far.
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  6. CharlesG

    CharlesG Gold Member

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  7. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

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  8. wrxmom

    wrxmom Gold Member

    Bummer, this looks fun, but I won't be in town yet. Now if this were say 6 days later...;)
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  9. philatravelgirl

    philatravelgirl Silver Member

    I will miss this by a few days my flight arrives JFK on April 19th from LIM. If anyone has the BA visa card check to see if the $50 dining credit is still available at this time as I believe Minetta's was a participating restaurant in the promo -figure easy to spend $50 on burger, good wine and dessert. could be free meal for some if they let you do separate checks
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  10. deltagoldLass

    deltagoldLass Silver Member

    Please invite someone I know who just joined this site her name is
    Modern Rapunzel
    Thanks in advance
    Please remember I'm in on next BD!

    Full report
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  11. From NYC
    • Original Member

    From NYC Gold Member

    I’ll be in Austin for the BBQ Do, so won’t be able to make it. As for Minetta Tavern, some of you may remember that I tried there as the Sunday brunch place during the recent NYC Do, but they weren’t prepared to handle the numbers I discussed with them. However, I’ve made dinner reservations there for 8 without issue, but I know those folks. The smaller the number, the greater the chance you’ll get in there.
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  12. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    I remember your efforts! Very jealous of the BBQ Do you are going to- it sounds amazing!

    As for Minetta, if the interest stays low (4 or less) I will make a reservation through Opentable. It is still too far away to book it at the moment.
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  13. LarryInNYC

    LarryInNYC Gold Member

    Although I'm interested in attending the calendar shows me out of town that weekend with the family. I'll continue to follow this thread and, if plans change and space remains, I'll register then.

    If you're thinking of making this a regular local event, may I suggest that you consider weekday evenings as well, which are sometimes better for those of us who are often out of town on weekends?
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  14. CharlesG

    CharlesG Gold Member

    Absolutely, Larry-- we plan to mix it up!
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  15. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    Weekdays are tough for me since I work in Brooklyn. I'd definitely try to make it though if it means trying out another great burger.
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  16. LarryInNYC

    LarryInNYC Gold Member

    No shortage of good food in Brooklyn!
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  17. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    Lots of great Burgers (among many other things) in Bklyn- Charles and I discussed visiting some eventually! Would you be interested?
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  18. skyvan

    skyvan Gold Member

    Not in NY in April but hopefully I'll be able to make the May or June date.
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  19. LarryInNYC

    LarryInNYC Gold Member

    Certainly. Even though I carry a class E (hack) driver's license, I still go to Brooklyn.
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  20. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    The official shoe of the NYC Monthly Burger mini-Do:
    burger shoe.jpg
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  21. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    I made a reservation for 4 on OpenTable for the DO. If more people RSVP I will call to try to add on or we can make a couple of reservations but would probably have to sit separately. Online you can only reserve a table for a max of 4....
  22. HPN-HRL
    • Original Member

    HPN-HRL Silver Member

    Bummer - I'd love to attend, but I expect to be out of town next weekend. I'll keep an eye out for future events!
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  23. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    There should definitely be more events to come! Hopefully you can make one.
  24. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    I updated the reservation for 5 and had to give a CC# to hold the table.
  25. danny
    • Original Member

    danny Silver Member

    I just saw this. I can definitely attend.

    If it's a hassle at this point to change the reservation, let me know. No hard feelings on my part.

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