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  1. FrequentMiler

    FrequentMiler Gold Member

    I'll be in Arlington at the end of this week and will be returning home via BWI. Does anyone know a good way to get from Arlington (Westin hotel) to BWI? I've heard that a taxi would be very expensive. Super Shuttle is about $45 (after 10% discount), but the only options for pickup times given by the web site are at least 4 hours prior to my flight. It looks like I could rent a car for about $22 and drop off at the airport, but I'm not sure I want the hassle of driving through the city. Any other suggestions?
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  2. mht_flyer
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    You can take metro to union station and AMTRAK to BWI airport stop (20 minute ride on AMTRAK), as long as you don't get on a Accela train, the NE Regionals don't cost that much from WAS to BWI

    Once you get to BWI Train station, take a shuttle bus to the terminals.

    You can buy the tix in advance at or at the station ticket counter or kiosk.

    I've done this a number of times and never had any issues.
  3. MSPeconomist
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    From the Westin Gateway Arlington, it's only a several block walk to the Ballston Metro station. From there, you can take the Metro to a stop near BWI, where there is a scheduled shuttle bus at infrequent intervals.

    I've done taxi and it was expensive but not extraordinarily so. I would take a taxi before SuperShuttle at the price and conditions you found. Can you perhaps take the Metro to DCA and then a nonstop shuttle bus/van to BWI?

    Sometimes car (sedan) service is cheaper than a taxi; it avoids the uncertainty of bad traffic leading to a larger than expected taxi fare. However, sometimes car service arranged by a hotel is more expensive than necessary, although you can sometimes bargain with any sedans hanging around the hotel and at least that company is known to the hotel.

    I would start by asking the hotel concierge now, in advance of your stay, to tell you about options for transportation to BWI and then do your own research.
  4. harvson3

    harvson3 Silver Member

    Metro from Ballston --> transfer Orange to Green --> Greenbelt station ---> bus costs $11.25, takes 90 minutes if you time it perfectly.

    My old nemeses,

    If you drive, you'll slip through the District only briefly (through Anacostia), taking 395 to 295 (the Baltimore-Washington Parkway). Good luck with the traffic; it's a roll of the dice.
  5. FrequentMiler

    FrequentMiler Gold Member

    Thanks everyone for the advice! I was able to book Amtrak for only $12.64!

    -Frequent Miler (follow me on Twitter:
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  7. tom911
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    Do the MARC trains still run from Union Station to BWI Mon-Fri?
  8. violist
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    violist Gold Member

  9. tom911
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    tom911 Gold Member

    At $6 one way (was $5 last I took it), looks like an attractive option still.
  10. mowogo
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    mowogo Gold Member

    MARC is a much more reasonable option than Amtrak. I have done both, but the cost difference between the two is too great to even consider chasing points/miles on (when I did it about 2 years ago it was $6 for MARC vs. $22 for Amtrak)
  11. FrequentMiler

    FrequentMiler Gold Member

    I just took the Amtrak on Saturday for less than $13. I would have tried MARC but was told it doesn't run on the weekend. Overall I was very impressed with how quick and easy (and reasonably priced) it was!

    -Frequent Miler (follow me on Twitter:
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