Asia SkyMiles Members Can Share Unlimited Miles With Family For Fixed Fee

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  1. ballardFlyer

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    Saw the "Asia Share Miles" program on today - never noticed it before. Details here:

    Basically, there is a fixed fee structure of between $200-400 (for 2-4 sharers) to have unlimited mile sharing amongst those people. Unlimited sharing for a fixed fee is much better than US mile sharing prices.

    I have family in HKG and could possibly use this, but T&Cs don't seem all that clear. It seems to read that if my family in HKG opens the account then any other Skymiles member can be a recipient? Or do all members need an APAC address too?
  2. mhenner

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    Hawaiian Airlines will let everyone transfer their miles into a single account, at no cost, provided that account holder has the HA Air Visa. Then, when the miles are pooled, they can be redeemed for anyone. Even non-family members.
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  3. ballardFlyer

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    The HA program sounds nice. BA has a somewhat similar program where miles are pooled for a family and the percentages of miles contributed by each member then match the % used when booking an award for any family member (e.g. I have 70% of the miles in the pool so a 70k of a 100k redemption comes from my miles). BA's is also free, but then you can only book tickets for family members until you dissolve the account.
  4. ballardFlyer

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