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Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa $99 companion ticket

Discussion in 'Alaska Airlines | Mileage Plan' started by Scott, Feb 11, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. jackal
    • Original Member

    jackal Gold Member

    Don't forget that the person the certificate is issued to must either be flying on the itinerary or paying for the ticket. In order to use someone else's code, you'd need to have them pay (and then vice versa when they use your code).
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  2. Bobofoosh
    • Original Member

    Bobofoosh Silver Member

    Good point. Luckily, someone was willing to help me out and book my ticket. I'll return the favor in a few weeks. It is a pretty big hoop to jump through though and probably isn't for everyone.
  3. AKGUY
    • Original Member

    AKGUY Silver Member

    Another option is to use the multi-city option and really rack up the miles.
  4. RedTape
    • Original Member

    RedTape Silver Member

    hmm...its been 6-8 weeks for my code on my personal card. Guess I should check with customer care. I don't like dealing with BofA if I can help it.
  5. wolfsatz
    • Original Member

    wolfsatz Silver Member

    Just an FYI, I just applied for this card this morning and their online application is down, had to call the number provided and was accepted. The offer is still valid but they might be making some changes to the offer.
  6. PhoenixFF
    • Original Member

    PhoenixFF Active Member

    What kind of fares have folks seen for SEA to Hawaii in F....I have mostly seen fares in the $1200 range....anyone snag loer fares from the west coast in F?
  7. Golfingboy
    • Original Member

    Golfingboy Gold Member

    West Coast-Hawaii is usually around $1200-1500 per person, so I highly doubt you will see anything lower than $1200...
  8. gleff
    • Original Member

    gleff Co-founder

    Real value is from the East Coast, eg right now I see DCA-HNL fare basis FLASWR for $1532++. So $1750-ish for 2 F tickets. No worries about upgrading or availability as long as there's an F seat in the cabin, fully refundable/changable, earns COS bonus.
  9. resipsa99
    • Original Member

    resipsa99 Silver Member

    Does anyone know if you can use the companion fare as part of a package vacation, or is it just straight tickets?
  10. brad

    brad Silver Member

    If you click on the terms and conditions link for your companion fare discount code, you will find this at the very top (emphasis mine):

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  11. resipsa99
    • Original Member

    resipsa99 Silver Member

    Thanks, Brad, much appreciated!
  12. travlr

    travlr Silver Member

    Can someone double check my idea and make sure it's all good?

    Have guy sign up for the personal Alaskan BoA card.. I've seen a 40k bonus but i'm not sure if that's expired or what. I'll pay for the F ticket to HNL and then he'll use the companion ticket ... but we'll both credit miles to AA(american)? I'm assuming we wouldn't be booking this through AA since we'd have the companion voucher, so how would we get the miles over to AA?
  13. iolaire
    • Original Member

    iolaire Gold Member

    Just in the reservation or at the airport put your AA mileage account number in rather than your AK air account.
  14. sniklec
    • Original Member

    sniklec Silver Member

    The credit card offer page seems to conflict with the discount code terms:

  15. rajuabju
    • Original Member

    rajuabju Silver Member

    I'm using my $99 companion ticket on a round trip LAX-DCA early next year. Saving me $340 for the wife's ticket. Covered the annual fee and then some!
  16. Toula
    • Original Member

    Toula Gold Member

    I think this is actually a great deal. I signed up early August and got this card. Even though they were advertising 25k points n the telly I got the 40k as advertised online. The points were in my FF account before I received and activated the card. The companion certificate was already added to my online FF account.

    I'm going to use mine for a First Class tix for us both to either Mexico or Hawaii.
  17. Toula
    • Original Member

    Toula Gold Member

    Well this $99 companion tix worked out well for me. We dithered too long to book our Christmas flights to Hawaii and one tix in economy was pricing out at around $1400. The pain was not so bad when we were able to get the second tix for the $99.

    Lesson to be learned is don't try and fly to Hawaii for Christmas when you haven't gotten your act together to book with only 2 weeks until Christmas Day.
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  18. adamlile

    adamlile Active Member

    Without a doubt F to HI. That's how we use ours every year. But fares to DCA and EWR are some of the higher ones on AS so if you need or want to travel there it may make sense. Otherwise go to HI.
  19. adamlile

    adamlile Active Member

    I have found that the AS companion tickets are easier to redeem than all points from other companies. Mainly because AS views companion tickets as reduced fare rather than a free ride. Plus, the person traveling on the companion ticket still gets full mileage accumulation.
  20. gleff
    • Original Member

    gleff Co-founder

    One of the real hidden gem benefits that's out there, indeed... (which says to me that some day it's bound to go away!)
  21. misterbwong

    misterbwong Silver Member

    Crossing my fingers and hoping it doesn't. I'm thinking about adding this card to my list!
  22. tondoleo
    • Original Member

    tondoleo Gold Member

    This is a wonderful deal for travel to Hawaii from either coast. My friend and his partner recently traveled to OGG from MIA via SEA. He complained that the F seats were not comfortable. I think it was worsened by my informing her about this deal and the thought of the bucks they would have saved.
  23. misterbwong

    misterbwong Silver Member

    How are the AS First Class seats compared to international products? After looking at pictures they seem closer to the config of many international J seats. Is this normal?
  24. jackal
    • Original Member

    jackal Gold Member

    AS's F seats are among the worst in the industry--almost no padding whatsoever, so your butt is sure to be sore upon deplaning. Not a lot of legroom, either.

    They're pretty much the worst domestic F seats and are certainly not comparable to anything you'd find on a major international carrier in J.
  25. misterbwong

    misterbwong Silver Member

    Sad to hear. This cuts down the value of the companion cert. Might still be worth it if you don't mind travelling on "nicer coach" for the same price as coach.

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