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Bank of America card holders free admission to participating museums, zoos, etc

Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by toddreg, Mar 25, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. toddreg
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    toddreg Silver Member

    • Original Member

    TAHKUCT Gold Member

    I guess they continue to run this promo. I think there are more museums this year :)
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  3. jbcarioca
    • Original Member

    jbcarioca Gold Member

    I wish I could find a way to take advantage but I have not yet. The list is much better this year.
  4. SC Flier
    • Original Member

    SC Flier Gold Member

    Bump! Reminder: today is one of the free days.

    The next free weekend for cardholders is July 2 & 3.
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  5. rwoman
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    rwoman Gold Member

    Wow! This is really great! Thank you for sharing/bumping the thread!!
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  6. P.S.

    P.S. Silver Member

    Do FIA cards work too?
  7. Lighthouse
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    Lighthouse Gold Member

  8. Grace
    • Original Member

    Grace Silver Member

    Darn. If I could find my FIA card I could get into the Nascar Hall of Fame. I'd never actually pay to go there.
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  9. SC Flier
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    SC Flier Gold Member

    Bump. This coming weekend of July 7&8, 2012 is free for cardholders.
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  10. wrxmom

    wrxmom Gold Member

    Thanks for the reminder :) Plan on dragging taking the kids to the museums this weekend.
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  11. SC Flier
    • Original Member

    SC Flier Gold Member

    Remember that it's only free for the person who's name is on the card.
  12. wrxmom

    wrxmom Gold Member

    Yep. :)
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