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  1. joesmoe
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    This is the definitive WorldPoints thread.

    Best uses of points:

    Transfer to Aeroplan.
    - These transfers are 1:1.
    - They take around 2-3 weeks to complete.
    - There is no fee.
    - Even though the example mentions 220,000 miles, it only allows upto 50k at a time or something like that, so just use as many xfers as necessary (I did 2 at the same time and they both went through).
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  2. TheInternationalLine
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    Interestingly enough, their own FAQ states that the transfers should be instantaneous. However, even though Aeroplan account creation through the Worldpoints site is instantaneous, the points seem to float around in outer space for a while before they credit to your account.

    CC customer service, Worldpoints (travel dept?), and Aeroplan all seem to be somewhat involved in the points transfer process, but getting anyone to take responsibility for a failed transfer is a chore. It seems like very few Worldpoints reps even know what Aeroplan is. That being said, when it works it's a great option!

    Works for FIA-affiliated Worldpoints cards as well.
  3. joesmoe
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    I'm also suprised how little information about aeroplan there is on the worldpoints site, finding the link to transfer took me a half hour.
  4. rhoady

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    Has anyone used the all access award. I was going to use for a suite at a spoting event.
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  5. BeachMiles
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    Are any good sign up bonus offers available? B of A is my main bank. But I no longer carry any of their Credit cards.
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  6. joesmoe
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    I don't beleive this card is avail any longer. In fact, they had tried to 'upgrade' me to a Power Rewards card a few months ago.
  7. geclub1
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    Both Fidelity Visa and Fidelity Amex earn points in WorldPoints. These points can be transfered to Aeroplan.
    In fact, Fidelity Amex gives 2 points per dollar. So you earn 2 miles per dollar charged.
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  8. joesmoe
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    Wish I could get approved :(
  9. This looks to me to be very appealing. I secure emailed BOA asking about transferring world points to aeroplan points. The response was "Please be advised that WorldPoints can be transferred in increments of 2,500 points only between cards that are participating in the same rewards program, meaning that you can transfer WorldPoints to another WorldPoints account. "

    Have you been able to do this recently? Does anyonoe have the link to make this transfer?
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  10. jbcarioca
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    Also Bank of America has an American Express Platinum card that they do not promote but do issue. It has IIRC 2 1/2 WorldPoints per $ spent. WorldPoints also can be redeemed for cash.
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  11. Bluto
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    That sounds very interesting. Do you recall where you saw this BofA platinum Amex? I searched their site and googled it but wasn't turning up anything. :(
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  12. jbcarioca
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    I had one for several years. The only way to get one is call and ask. They do not promote it and few of their people know about it.
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  13. AmericanGirl
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    They changed my BOA to the World Points which left us no choice. Don't use it much so haven't really researched the benefits.
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  14. I figured it out--went to and got in that way--the link for the aeroplan transfer was right on the travel home page under redeem miles.
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  15. joesmoe
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    Wanna sell some WorldPoints? Anybody who does can shoot me a PM.
  16. With the link I posted above, I found the transfers to be instantaneous--I logged out of my aeroplan account and then back in, and they were there. YMMV
  17. Bluto
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    I've been getting an error message when I click that link:

    The application you requested is currently unavailable.

    Your business is important to us.

    Please call us at one of the following numbers and we will be happy to process your request immediately:

    United States​
    United Kingdom Credit Cards​
    United Kingdom Loans​
    900 810 222​
  18. Hi Bluto--I am getting that too--I googled "manage rewards online bank of america" and this link seems to work:
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  19. Bluto
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    I definitely would not have found the Aeroplan section if not for your posts. So, thanks again. Also, this link takes you directly to the Aeroplan section. For some strange reason, many of these links did not work when I put it into Chrome but it worked beautifully under IE. I can't explain it but it might help others out there.
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  20. joesmoe
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    I had this card for 5 years, and visited their site at least a couple times a month, but never saw the aeroplan option until recently. It's a deal maker too.
  21. PoorMansBidet
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    What is the schedule for Worlpoints deposit with the Fidelity card? Is it right after purchase, after statement or a statement behind?
  22. Bluto
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    The worldpoints show up in your account right after the statement closes (and before any payment is made).
  23. MightyTravels

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    Thanks guys. I struggled to find it since they have relaunched a major portion of FIA Card Services and Worldpoints. The link did not work for me in Firefox but just fine Safari. Finally transferred my points...

    With the FIA card you essentially buy Aeroplan miles for 1.1 cent as most CC processors charge about 2.3-2.5% (i.e. when paying your taxes). It's the best straight away miles purchase option that's 'always on'.
  24. somempire

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    Any other partners that BOA Worldpoints can be transferred to?
  25. FEV77

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