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Best Club Carlson Hotel in Paris

Discussion in 'Carlson | Club Carlson' started by oneeyejack, Jul 8, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. oneeyejack

    oneeyejack Gold Member

    Looking at several hotels in Paris for award nights in August. Would love to know about location and also how the hotel is?

    Out of these 4, which one would you choose?

    Radisson Blu Le Dokhan's Hotel, Paris Trocadero (75K/night)
    117 Rue Lauriston
    Paris, F-75116

    Radisson Blu Ambassador Hotel, Paris Opera (50K/night)
    16 Boulevard Haussmann
    Paris, 75009

    Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan Hotel, Paris Eiffel (50K/night)
    10 Place De Mexico
    Paris, F-75116

    Radisson Blu Hotel Champs Elysees, Paris (no award nights for the time we'll be there....strange)
    78 Bis, Avenue Marceau
    Paris, 75008

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  2. MSPeconomist
    • Original Member

    MSPeconomist Gold Member

    Eiffel is left bank; the others are all right bank. From the name, I would assume that Trocadero (named after an art museum along the river) is a bit less conveniently located than the others. Opera is near the grand boulevards and big department stores of Paris. There's also a bus from CDG to Opera which could be very convenient.

    Note that I'm using only the information you provided in the hotel names to guess approximate locations and not hotel addresses (I don't do such research when you don't provide the information) or my own specific knowledge (none in this case) of each hotel's location in answering your question. Have you found the hotels you're considering on a map?

    Do you care about anything other than location, such as facilities and services offered by the hotel? Do you care about the 50% price difference in points?
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  3. oneeyejack

    oneeyejack Gold Member

    added address.

    does it matter between left and right bank?

    i guess i'm looking for a combination of a great hotel and a great location. i don't really care about the points because i have more than enough to spend.

    i really wanted to stay at the park hyatt vendome but i don't think i'll be able to get my points over to hyatt in time.
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  4. Radisson Blu Hotel Champs Elysees is the best, and that's probably why no award nights are available. It's in the former Louis Vuitton headquarters building.

    Great building, good location - but on a quiet street. Keep checking for it.
    I think the Air France bus goes to the Arc, so you could take that to the hotel from CDG.
    If you get it, email the hotel in advance for a room facing out on the top floors, some have little stand out balconies.
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  5. uggboy
    • Original Member

    uggboy Gold Member

    Radisson Blu Le Dokhan's Hotel, Paris Trocadero (75K/night)
    117 Rue Lauriston
    Paris, F-75116
    A former Sofitel and held in high esteem by many, some say legendary!:)
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