Best Hot Dog/Frankfurter/Sausage?

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  1. ducster
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    ducster Gold Member

    Given the way the 10 Tasty Fast Foods thread has evolved into a discussion of the mighty hot dog, I thought it might be fun to create a companion to the Best Burger thread.

    I mentioned that I had a killer beef frank at the Frankfurt Christmas Market, where massive amount of sausages on a wheel sit above a roaring fire. For nostalgia, I'll also mention Pink's, in L.A., which may or may not be truly good (I was never in a proper state to judge), but was certainly unhealthy!

    So where is the best hot dog or sausage place you know?
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  2. LAXjunkie415

    LAXjunkie415 Gold Member

    Any deli in Munich is great. Get you a Weisswurst like a true Bavarian! weiss.jpg
  3. CharlesG

    CharlesG Gold Member

    Any of the specialty sausages at Hot Doug's in Chicago, Swanky Franks in Norwalk, CT, Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield, CT, and a sentimental fave, Gray's Papaya in NYC.

    I recently had an awesome hot dog at Crif Dogs in NYC as well-- the spicy red neck, which is a bacon-wrapped hot dog covered in chili, cole slaw and jalapenos. Soooo good!

    I second the entubed meats in Munich, especially when paired with beer.

    if you want to get fancy, the merguez sausage 'dog' at Epicerie Boulud is delicious.
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  4. Gaucho
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    Gaucho Gold Member

    So CharlesG.... when are we going to sample proper dogs in Chicago....????
  5. Robt760

    Robt760 Silver Member

    In Los Angeles — I will not vote this as the best, but as unique/different/artsy-fartsy:

    Choices include traditional types of pork, veal, chicken but also duck, snake, alligator
  6. kw335
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    kw335 Silver Member

    The "Oly Dog" from the Man Bites Dog hotdog cart in Olympia, Washington. Its a hot dog, topped with cream cheese, two strips of bacon, and pepper jelly. Yum!
  7. Gaucho
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    Gaucho Gold Member

    hot dogs with cream cheese !!!! :eek:
  8. sobore
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    sobore Gold Member

    Being from Chicago and seeing a hotdog with cream cheese deeply saddens me.
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  9. Gaucho
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    Gaucho Gold Member

    I agree..... for me, hot dogs + cream cheese = SACRILEGE !!!!!
  10. autolycus

    autolycus Gold Member

    Around these parts, a lot of people are partial to the Varsity's dogs, especially chili-cheese varieties. The dogs are even know to walk sometimes. I usually go with the burger and rags though, so I obviously don't think they're the best dogs out there. A good italian sausage and pepper is the 2nd only to a good German bratwurst. The weisswurst is tasty but a bit rich for me to have except maybe once or twice on a week-long trip to Bavaria.
  11. Scottrick
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    Scottrick Gold Member

    As far and wide as I look, I find few places that beat Costco. Only $1.50 with a free soda!
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  12. ducster
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    ducster Gold Member

    Almost as bad as ketchup on a hot dog!

  13. Gaucho
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    Gaucho Gold Member

    Amen to that also...... the only thing that goes near a proper hotdog has to be mustard... and perhaps Sauerkraut (the real stuff please)....
  14. misterbwong

    misterbwong Silver Member

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  15. JennB
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    JennB Gold Member

    Keep 'em coming, y'all!

    I'm headed to Chicago this weekend and have a serious need for a good dog. I'll be staying at the Waldorf, no car so public transport or walking preferred. I'll take a cab for a truly good dog though. I know about Hot Dougs, it's the top of my list right now.
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  16. Gaucho
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    Gaucho Gold Member

    Dogzilla...... like the name, not sure about the dogs though.....
  17. Sweet Willie
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    Sweet Willie Gold Member

    There are better hot dog places than Hot Dougs, what Hot Dougs does better than any other place is the multitude of delicious OTHER types of encased meats.
  18. sfo1
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    sfo1 Silver Member

    A great hot dog IMHO is a grilled dog, warm bun, mustard, sweet pickle relish or dill slice and finely chopped onions. MMMM good! Hard to find a simple dog like this.
  19. MLW20
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    MLW20 Gold Member

    I still love the Original Nathans in Coney Island. Other favorites are Bark, Crif Dogs and Gray's Papaya.
    I've also had some awesome cheese filled dogs from street carts in Vienna & Copenhagen.
  20. sellthesedownfalls

    sellthesedownfalls Silver Member

    I had a very delicious hot dog yesterday at Stuggy's in Fell's Point, Baltimore.

    Rosamunde Sausage Grill in SF (Lower Haight, right next to Toronado - awesome beer bar) has a great selection of interesting sausages, and they have a great weisswurst.

    Gah, now I'm hungry.
  21. taiwaned
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    taiwaned Silver Member

  22. misterbwong

    misterbwong Silver Member

    Hot dogs + cream cheese actually sound pretty good right now. OT but cream cheese + salsa is an awesome chip dip.
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  23. Sweet Willie
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    Sweet Willie Gold Member

    after reading your post, I think I misread your handle as misterbong :D
  24. ducster
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    ducster Gold Member

    That is hilarious! I almost spat on my keyboard.
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  25. mhnadel
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    mhnadel Silver Member

    You can't beat Italian sausage with peppers and onions bought either at a street fair or just outside Fenway Park.

    I also admit to a nostalgic fondness for the Yucatan chicken and turkey sandwich at the original Jody Maroni's stand in Venice, California.
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