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  1. LowlySpartan

    LowlySpartan Active Member

    I recently got the US Air Barclay's card and noticed that it came with a companion pass (which I understand is $99+$25 fee to redeem over the phone). I also read somewhere that the miles from the companion pass were attached to the cardholder's account. That can't be true, right?

    In terms of best use, would doing something like IAD-YVR or WAS-YVR be the best idea for value? I might do some stops in between to try to get as many segments and miles as possible, and I think the wife is up for it as long as it's on a weekend (my schedule's more flexible).
  2. okrogius

    okrogius Silver Member

    If you read the fine print on the pass, it mentions mileage accural is only allowed under the US program.
  3. JetsettingEric
    • Original Member

    JetsettingEric Silver Member

    YVR is generally a very expensive city to fly to, so in my opinion a good use of the certs. However, i would use them trips that you would take. Weddings, group transcons. That's where i've gotten the most bang for the buck. cases where I would have paid $500+ for the round trip x 3 people, but i can use the cert and save.
  4. javacodeguy

    javacodeguy Gold Member

    Best use is up to you. I saved mine until I had to make a trip to ORD with the gf. Not the cheapest flight, but with the companion pass became a pretty good deal.

    Once your itinerary is ticketed, everything about the tickets is completely normal. We had upgrades clear normally and both of us earned our miles into our respective DM accounts.
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  5. LowlySpartan

    LowlySpartan Active Member

    Hope it's okay to bump my own post, but I was also wondering if I could get miles from the flight on another FFP? I know it says on the fine print about mileage being accrued to DM, but that's the companion only, right?
  6. JetsettingEric
    • Original Member

    JetsettingEric Silver Member

    I would wait until check-in or at the gate to swap frequent flyer numbers. You shouldn't have any issues with it.
  7. Jenny & Curt
    • Original Member

    Jenny & Curt Gold Member

    BUMP to see if anyone has actually tried using the companion pass and crediting to another FFP and had it work well.
  8. DeacFlyer1
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    DeacFlyer1 Silver Member

    I didn't realize there was a booking fee--I thought it was waived because booking via phone is the only way to redeem these certs.
  9. youpaiyou

    youpaiyou Silver Member

    They will waive the $25.00 fee, guaranteed. I had them do it just last month.

    The representative I spoke to brought up the $25.00 fee and I responded by saying that I didn't want to book by telephone, but the terms and conditions state I had to. She immediately waived it.

    We weren't able to complete the transaction the first time that I called, so I had to call back. I said the same thing to a totally different representative and he waived the fee.
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  10. youpaiyou

    youpaiyou Silver Member

    Double post
  11. murakami

    murakami Silver Member

    Finding a good use for this certificate out of a Bay Area airport has been rather difficult. All I get is either brutal routing or brutal pricing. It is brutal.

    However I have until the end of June to use this one, so I will keep at it.
  12. youpaiyou

    youpaiyou Silver Member

    I used the companion passes to book 2 additional seats from Ontario, CA to D.C. and back. Total for all 3 tix was $800ish. Not great, but not bad either.
  13. daninstl

    daninstl Gold Member

    I recently checked a flight from STL to Key West and it was very expensive so it might be worth it to me to save the $ outright.
  14. Sean Colahan
    • Original Member

    Sean Colahan Gold Member

    I like using the companion cert on expensive fares....helps to negate the pricy ticket. I have never had trouble using mine on whatever flights I wanted.
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  15. dingalpha

    dingalpha Silver Member

    Did I miss something here?

    The certificate is good for 2 additional tickets?
  16. murakami

    murakami Silver Member

    Buy one and get up to two for 99$ a piece on the same itinerary, is how I understand it.
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  17. youpaiyou

    youpaiyou Silver Member

    When I signed up for the Barclays card I was given two $99 certificates. I booked a flight for myself and then I used the $99 certificates for my dad and wife. We have the same itinerary.
  18. dingalpha

    dingalpha Silver Member

    Got it. Thanks!
  19. skylard

    skylard New Member

    Does anyone want to trade their companion ticket for one that expires next year? I received my card 2 weeks ago but it may take another 4 weeks to get my companion pass. I'd like to book my companion travel now. Let me know if this interests you.
  20. Jenny & Curt
    • Original Member

    Jenny & Curt Gold Member

    Are they not cardholder-specific?

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