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Bluebird & Serve

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by viguera, Oct 26, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. viguera
    • Original Member

    viguera Gold Member


    If you already have an amex Serve card, you cannot register a Bluebird card.

    They use not only your email as your username to access your account, but your registration requires your DOB and SSN, and you are told during the registration process that you cannot register for a Bluebird account.

    I suppose the products are similar but they are different enough that you might want a Serve to send/receive money and a Bluebird for the billpay features -- or both to rack up on the miles/points -- but at the end of the day they (amex) doesn't seem to want to let you have both.

    Caveat emptor, I suppose.
  2. bretta

    bretta Silver Member

    For a husband and wife team, I'm sticking with one serve and one BB account.
  3. Singapore Flyer

    Singapore Flyer Silver Member

    I think that they will merge them. When is the 64k question though.
  4. Angeleno228

    Angeleno228 Silver Member

    Can you send money from Serve (wife account for example) to BlueBird (husband's account)?

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