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  1. sophiegirl
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    sophiegirl Silver Member

    In another thread I posted the historical dates for the BOGO certs.... although most often referred to with regards to a hotel stay, Mr Sophie and I actually take more advantage of the BOGO dining certificates. Since they are "giftable" we often enjoy them with friends....

    We have found some excellent restaurants within the hotels -

    A few of our above average successes have been:

    Renaissance Plantation, FLA
    Del Monte Lodge, Rochester
    International Plaza, Tampa
    Greenville, SC
    Renaissance Raleigh

    Always looking for new ones - anyone else care to share?
  2. TexDoc

    TexDoc Silver Member

    It has been a while since I printed of these out. I'm MR Gold. Where are they on the website?
  3. sophiegirl
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    sophiegirl Silver Member

    They are found under Marriott Reward Offers. however, they are only offered 4x per year, and the first period has not yet begun.
  4. TexDoc

    TexDoc Silver Member

    thanks for the update

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