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    Is there anything compelling about booking tickets on the AA site versus 3rd party sites? Does it change if you're elite or not?

    I've got my first AA flights in over a year coming up (ironically to a UA event :oops:) and when the time came for booking it turned out that my options were or booking at Vayama and getting ~$14 back on the booking through my online shopping mall portal. It is hard to pass up savings like that.

    Is there any reason I should pass that up? Saving cash like that on every trip seems to be quite useful.
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    For the average traveler, there isn't much difference. There are limited situations where booking through AA would be beneficial, mostly because AA charges an external reservation handling fee for reservations that are made by outside entities ($25). Most people have issues with this when they call for seat selection, but if you get the AA record locator you can do it for free online. This is only a concern if you plan on asking AA to make voluntary changes to your reservation.

    I've booked plenty of my AA tickets through Orbitz, etc. Miles accrue, upgrades process, seats are selected. No issues yet.

    There are plenty of folks who just enjoy the comfort of knowing AA "owns" the ticket.
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    Well, given a seat map which looks like this:

    I'm finding it hard to believe that there would have been any value anyways. Looking forward to that MD middle seat! :eek:
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    Hopefully as elites upgrade it'll open some better seats. No one likes a middle. :)
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    I always book my travel through the airline/hotel website. If there are any problems with travel arrangements made through a 3rd party site, you have to go through that 3rd party to fix it, and that just adds more cooks to the kitchen. Much simpler to just use the operator's web site. Last travel reservation I used a 3rd party site for, there was a problem with the way they transmitted my reservation to the hotel (somehow my 1st, middle, and last names got mixed up), and while it worked out in the end, it was rather aggravating and worrisome.

    Oh, and on that trip, UA sent my luggage through a different airport, and I didn't get it until around 2AM the morning after my arrival. Fun times! ;) :confused:

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