Bring On the Starwood Lurkers!

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  1. From NYC
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    From NYC Gold Member

    Now that there are 3 (three) Starwood Lurkers from different parts of the world, let's get them on board here. They are truly one of the great resources out there.
  2. Pizzaman
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    Pizzaman Co-founder

    I agree completely. I think we'll see some great involvement like that shortly. Thanks for pointing this out.
  3. JayBrian
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    JayBrian Silver Member

    I hope the lurkers are able to join this community too. I bet they are lurking already.

  4. tommy777
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    tommy777 Co-founder

    Trust me. From the day the site goes live on March 1st, there will be plenty of program reps answering questions.
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  5. JohnnieD
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    JohnnieD Silver Member

    I hope they are available to answer questions!
  6. Minnesota Bruin
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    Minnesota Bruin Silver Member

    Is MP reaching out to the programs or just letting the programs figure it out? The Starwood Lurkers are very useful while some of the other reps seem, um, less useful...
  7. Chris H
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    Chris H Silver Member

    While I imagine MP is reaching out (or hope they are), I emailed William, the original Starwood Lurker, and told him how happy we would be to have him here.
  8. tommy777
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    tommy777 Co-founder

    We have already reached out to many and our goal is to have the best representation of programs on the web, including William and others.
    We are also planning frequent chats with industry executives
  9. Art234
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    Art234 Milepoint Guide

    The more the merrier, Tommy. We look forward to having Starwood Lurker and his colleagues here!
  10. :) I'm sure William appreciates his work load doubling as he now has to check 2 boards LOL!
  11. LFCorsten
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    LFCorsten Silver Member

    We all have more work with checking 2 boards. But if we make the best fresh content here, we only have to check one board. This one of course.
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  12. of course..

    but this isn't my employment.
  13. gleff
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    gleff Co-founder

    Well, the Lurkers check more than just one board already. ;) And there are now 3 of them!

    For instance, Starwood Lurker II -- Theytus -- cut is teeth (as I understand it) on the FlyerTea board, the Chinese language forum. It's interesting that two of the three Lurkers are in the Asia Pacific region, this is a huge area of focus for Starwood.

    I have no doubt that they will dedicate the resources necessary to be where their customers are. ^
  14. Interesting you say that, when as a 11YR Asia Pacific Starwood Platinum, I've never felt more disconnected from the program. I can't see doing another revenue stay this year let alone 25. After 11yrs of Platinum, to go from over 500 nights PAID +++ all the free ones.. close to 2.5 years of my life I've slept in SPG hotels to ZERO??? What does that tell you about SPG's Asia influence.. Frankly its all tiresome.
  15. gleff
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    gleff Co-founder

    Sorry not saying anything about the program overall. And I do personally think others have been more innovative recently, especially Hyatt Gold Passport. But I don't think there's any questioning Starwood's commitment to online forum participation, they not just pioneered their online presence via William (and earlier incarnation) but decided to expand it with a second and now third person in the role.

  16. William on his own seemed infinitely more effective 8-10 years ago than all 3 now.. My original Platinum Concierge Jennifer Mckenna could move planets.. now its hard to get a new Platinum Card in the mail. I don't agree that more staff leads to a better result.

    That said, I welcome their presence here.
  17. Chris H
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    Chris H Silver Member

    I can't help but think that William's perceived effectiveness has more to do with the increased number of FTers than his actual capabilities. I agree with gleff - SPG may be falling behind in what they offer their Platinums, but their commitment to online forums is excellent.
  18. Simon
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    Simon Milepoint Guide

    Lets hope one of these decides to join this forum.

    I think also programs have pros and cons and to be honest they are probably doing their best with what they offer currently (for the moment). I guess how you rate it depends on what is important for the individual.
  19. JFKSFOLAX_friend

    JFKSFOLAX_friend Active Member

    Can't wait for William to join. He was a trailblazer for Flyertalk and will be awesome on Milepoint.
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  20. Well said. Fortunately or unfortunately, all programs can't be all things to all people. The programs I've stayed with work for me for one reason or another, ones I've stayed away from are because they don't work for isn't a tough decision to make.

    The Starwood Lurkers have been extremely helpful for so many on FlyerTalk -- hopefully they'll be able to participate here in an official role as well.
  21. abk
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    abk Silver Member

    I don't bother the lurkers all that much but when I have needed them they have always answered my questions and dealt with my problems quickly and efficiently. I think the fact that you are able to cut right through the bureaucracy is a big asset to SPG. Look forward to seeing them here.
  22. deant
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    deant Milepoint Guide

    Have only used the Lurkers a couple of times to help resolve issues. Both time they have come through.

    Hope they do show a presence here.
  23. Simon
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    Simon Milepoint Guide

    When you need them, you need them! Worst case you could always just email them or post on FlyerTalk.
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  24. aitchly
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    aitchly Silver Member

    But it is soooo far away. I would go to chat first, then twitter.[​IMG]
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  25. Chris H
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    Chris H Silver Member

    I have it on good authority that Starwood will have a "lurking" presence on the board after the site goes live March 1. [​IMG]
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