Can I transfer points to another person's frequent flyer account

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  1. KyRoamer
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    I have a ton of points. Although my wife is not a card holder I have both my ff account and my wife's account listed and have transferred points to both her account and mine. Now my daughter(different last name) needs 10,000 points to top off her Continental account for an overseas flight. She does not live with us. Can I add her Continental account and transfer points to it.

    Some people have done this and had no issues. I thought I heard somewhere that it was a no no and that if you do make the transfer an audit at Continental could catch it later and void the transfer and even cancel the award ticket. Is that so.

    If not true, would the offer be different if I transferred 25,000 points to a friend 's FF account and he used 40,000 miles from an other airline's program to get a first class domestic ticket for me.
  2. Wandering Aramean
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    I've done it several times to several different people, none of whom have a name remotely similar to mine nor an address anywhere near me. It worked just fine.

    Technically bartering the points as you are describing is prohibited but, well, they're never going to know. ;)
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  3. gleff
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    I've been transferring points to friends and family out of my Amex Membership Rewards account for years.

    The technical rule is that it's supposed to be for cardholders on the Amex account only, so don't try to transfer to folks not holding cards on the account by phone. But online you just enter the name and account number, link it to your Amex account, and transfers are good to go. There is no process to validate that the mileage account holder is also an Amex account holder on your account.

    I've never heard of any problems with this.
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  4. Lighthouse
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    Does this work with American AAdvantage miles?
  5. deant
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    deant Milepoint Guide

    I do not believe you can directly transfer Amex MR points to AAdvantage. You can transfer to other programs and then to American but you take a big hit on the conversions.
  6. Wandering Aramean
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    Correct. Going from AmEx to AA is a brutal devaluation.
  7. AdamRx
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    No, but you can transfer to BA and book oneworld flights that way.

    As Gary said, you have to make sure you click "link additional programs" for your daughters account. Do not use "enroll additional programs". This only works online.
  8. penumpang
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    When you want to tranfers your MR points to accounts of different people, do you have to allow some time before transferring to another person's FF account? Or, can you just do it next minute? Does the person have to be an authorized user?
  9. gleff
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    You just need to link the other person's frequent flyer account to your Membership Rewards account, this is done with the "Link an account..." link under Points Summary at Once the account is linked you can transfer right away. Most programs link instantly.

    And many programs even transfer instantly, with the miles showing up in the frequent flyer account right away (eg Aeroplan, Delta, Continental) though some take a few days (eg All Nippon, Singapore).

    And while Amex will tell you that you can only transfer to someone that has an authorized card on your account, in practice as long as you do it all on the website you can transfer points to anyone you wish.
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  10. penumpang
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    That sounds a pretty simple thing to do. Thanks for the info!
  11. nubpwn

    nubpwn New Member

    Anyone know if this still works or if there's other ways to transfer points to someone else's FFP or Amex MR account?
    I tried to link a BA or Aeroplan to my MR, and it hard sets the First and Last name to mine, so can't seem to link to someone else's accounts anymore?!
  12. Wandering Aramean
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    What country is your MR account in?
  13. nubpwn

    nubpwn New Member

    It's Canadian
  14. Explore
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    Apparently, there's no longer an option to transfer MR points to another account, and that's for a U.S. account. There's no active link under "Points Summary", and here's an excerpt from the FAQ:

    Can I transfer Membership Rewards points to another person’s account?

    No. The points accrued in your account are not transferable to any other person or account. For a complete description of the Membership Rewards program, please see the Terms and Conditions.
  15. gleff
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    gleff Co-founder

    Go to Linked Travel Programs
    Link Additional Programs
    Pick the program you want

    It still asks you for the account number, and the first name and last name of the accountholder.

    Boom, go ahead and make the transfer. FAQ always said what's noted above...
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  16. harry123

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    This is correct. However the discussion on this forum is to transfer to someone else's mileage program account, NOT to another amex account.
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  17. merice107

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    So let me get this straight:

    I can transfer my wife's membership rewards points to my membership rewards account.
    I can not transfer my wife's membership rewards points to my KrisFlyer account.

    However, if I wanted to, assuming the above is correct, I could get around this by transferring my wife's membership rewards points to my membership rewards account. And then I could transfer the new combined total in my account to my KrisFlyer account?
  18. Singapore Flyer

    Singapore Flyer Silver Member

    I think you got it confused. You can't transfer MR to another MR account, but you can transfer MR to another person's FF account.
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  19. merice107

    merice107 Silver Member

    Ok. So I can transfer my MR points to my Krisflyer account. And then I can also transfer my wife's MR points to my KrisFlyer account. That way I have all of our Krisflyer miles in the same account in order to book our tickets together.
  20. Singapore Flyer

    Singapore Flyer Silver Member

    Yes. It will take a couple of days to do it. That's what I did for my wife's trip..sort of. We were short MR and KF in our accounts, so I transferred all of our MR points to a friend's KF account that had plenty and borrowed a few of his KF points and booked tickets for my wife and daughters.
  21. flyaxa

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    I would like to hold an award booking and then be able to top-up my wife's and three kids' SkyMiles accounts. Is one limited on the number of transfers per day?
  22. flyaxa

    flyaxa Member

    Just as a follow-up to my earlier post...
    When you go to transfer to Delta the following is listed under #3. "Multiple transfers for the same amount on the same day will not be accepted"
    I was able to transfer to three different SM accounts (for three different amounts, however) on the same day.
  23. Reddishbead

    Reddishbead Silver Member

    Anyone tried that in Canada? Someone else asked about it a while ago but didn't get the answer (or I just didn't understand). If that were possible, I'd like to send some MR in my wife's account, but since I already have my own account linked I wonder if it would work.

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