Can you tell me what to expect from my reward travel with AA/BA?

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    I recently booked one leg of award travel through AA from DFW to NBO. Below is my itinerary with BA. I was wondering what to expect with Club Exec, Booking Class U. I looked at the seats on SeatGuru, (and how I would love to be on the upper deck on the 747), but cannot get seat assignments yet. When do seat assignments become available? Also, during our layover in London, can we use the Concorde Room? Elemis Spa? Any tips for getting around Terminal 5? (I have M.S. and can't walk long distances easily)

    Can you tell this is my first reward booking? Thanks for any comments, tips or advice you might have.

    British Airway 192 DALLAS FT WORTH MON 16JAN 4:45 PM
    LONDON HEATHROW 7:30 AM Booking Class U
    Club Exc - Boeing 747-400
    British Airways 65 LONDON HEATHROW TUE 17JAN 10:15 AM
    NAIROBI KENYATTA 9:40 PM Booking Class U
    Club Exc - Boeing 777 (777)
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    I don't know why some reservations systems show it like this.

    What you have booked is the product known as "Club World", BA's long-haul business class product.
    You can definitely get a seat allocation for no extra charge when you check-in online, which you can do from 24 hours (to the second) before the departure of the first flight of each journey. So, for you, this means 4.45 pm exactly on Sunday 15 January.

    If you are a BA Executive Club Gold or Silver member, or a oneworld equivalent (ie oneworld Emerald or Sapphire), you can get a seat allocation now. If your frequent flyer number is in the booking, then the status attached to it should allow you to do this online. If won't let you, then phone.

    In addition, from what you say it's possible that you may qualify for free seat allocationin the category "Passengers with disabilities and/or additional needs". See for more details. But if you do this, you probably wouldn't get an upper deck seat on the 747 sector.

    Otherwise, if you don't qualify for free seat allocation before online check-in opens, it is also available for a fee - see that page for more details. This includes a limited number of upper deck seats.
    Not the Concorde Room, but you will have access to any of the Galleries Club lounges. There are three: one in the South lounge complex in the main building, another in the main building at the north end on the same level as security, and one in T5B (the satellite building where the B gates are).

    If you are a BAEC Gold member or a oneworld Emerald, you can also use the Galleries First lounge in the South lounge complex.

    In theory, you could also use the Arrivals Lounge. However, this involves clearing immigration and customs (even if your luggage is being transferred directly), and offers relatively few additional benefits to those offered in the departures lounges.

    You can use the Elemis Spa for a treatment, if you can get an appointment - make this a priority if you're interested. (There's a spa in the South lounge complex, and also one in T5B.) You can also use the showers even if you can't get an appointment for a treatment.
    You can ask for wheelchair assistance if you would like this - I would call BA to discuss this. Otherwise, the main tip is always to use the lifts (elevators) rather than the escalators.
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    Thanks so much! It's usually confusing getting off an aircraft, getting oriented. I will just look at Terminal 5 and see where the lounges are, now that I know which ones I am allowed in.

    Hubby will park me and the luggage in the lounge, and go explore. ;-)

    I do use wheelchair assistance a lot, but in this case I have plenty of time, can use a lounge (for the first time) and I will be flying business class, so I won't be as exhausted as when I fly coach.

    And thanks for the help on when I can get a seat allocation. That is extremely helpful.

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