Cancelling United MileagePlus® Explorer Card

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  1. dougnet

    dougnet Member

    will cancelling United MileagePlus® Explorer Card zero out my MileagePlus account , most of the points I have earned(30K) are for just signing up for that card ?

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  2. Espan

    Espan Silver Member

    Guess it might depend upon how quickly you cancel, but I would doubt that the miles would be taken out of your account...
  3. Scottrick
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    Scottrick Gold Member

    You should be fine if it's at least six months after they posted.
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  4. dougnet

    dougnet Member

    its going to be 1 yr next month and i dont want to pay 95 $ fee
  5. particlemn

    particlemn Silver Member

    they will not take the miles back but with out adding additional miles to the account you will need to watch the expiration date of these miles.
  6. theblakefish
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    theblakefish Gold Member

    Call Chase and tell them that you want to cancel the card after about 8 months, and my experience is that they sometimes will throw an incentive at you. Maybe a waived annual fee...sometimes extra miles just for you to keep it. [​IMG]
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  7. FrugalAsianMan

    FrugalAsianMan Silver Member

    I would first do what theblakefish said and tell them honestly that you've had the card for 11 months now and you're not completely satisfied with the perks versus the annual fee value, and that you would like to cancel the card. If they have any promotions/offers they can offer to you, the rep should tell you then.

    But to answer your question, you shouldn't have your miles affected if it's been close to a year since you opened it. I've closed cards w/ chase (albeit not the explorer card in particular) after the one year period hits, and didn't have my points affected for those cards.

    And if it helps you to know, Chase will refund you the annual fee if you get hit by it and cancel the card within 60 days of receiving the fee. (I know this because a rep told me this and retroactively removed an annual fee off of one of my original mileageplus cards, after I had opened an explorer card.) So you have some time to think about this.
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  8. Ygor
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    Ygor Gold Member

    Is that still happening? I called them just today, because someone try to buy some furniture in South Africa with my card, and I cancelled it when the fraud issue was taken care of, and the did not even bother to try to do anything for me to keep the card. Maybe since I never carry a balance they dont like me very much.

    However, this was an old Chase Continental card, that was turned in an MP Explorer. I also got a straight up Chase MP explorer when I got a 50k offer last year, so I ended up with two identical cards, hence me wanting to cancel one.
  9. davef139

    davef139 Gold Member

    Lots depends on what the computer tells them and the rep. Sometimes they will give you an offer othertimes you will get just closed. So if you want to play that game for free miles be prepared to have i closed.
  10. dougnet

    dougnet Member

    rep did not offer jack , and when i mentioned about the current 65 k offer and i had gotten just 25 K , he did warn me about maximum sign up points that can be earned for the life on the card
  11. edekba

    edekba Gold Member

    I believe Chase has a policy that allows consumers to get the sign on bonus once per product. Therefore once you have had the UAM+E card; (wow that's a long one even w/Acronym) even if you reapply and get approved you will not get the sign on bonus. At least that's my understanding of their policy.

    However if you applied/approved for a card and they change the sign up bonus; you have ~90 days to message them, requesting a bump up to the current offer, or bump up to the previous offer. This however is is a YMMV case.
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  12. slickw

    slickw Active Member

    Dougnet -
    I found this forum searching for the answer to the same questions you asked. I got 50k miles with the MileagePlus Explorer and also do not want to pay the $95 fee. I could have sworn when I read the included agreement it said I would lose the miles if I canceled for any reason. I cannot find the paperwork now. However on the Chase website it says the following..."If your Account is in default as described in your Cardmember Agreement

    (“Agreement”), and/or your Account is closed for any reason, and/or there is any fraud or abuse related to the

    accrual of miles, we reserve the right to prohibit you from earning miles through your Account and to cause

    you to forfeit any miles that we have not yet sent to your MileagePlus account." It also states "If your account is not open for at least six months, United and Chase reserve the right to deduct the bonus miles from your MileagePlus Program account."
    So it appears to imply you might be ok if the miles are already applied to your MileagePlus account and the account is open for at least six months.
    I am still paranoid about what I thought I read in my original agreement so I just went online and requested a copy - strange but they only provide it via postal mail and not electronically.
  13. chitownflyer
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    chitownflyer Silver Member

    With Chase, a new credit card account usually has to be open for at least six months in order to keep the miles or points earned from the sign up offer. I would recommend leaving the account open seven or eight months to be on the cautious side.
  14. dougnet

    dougnet Member

    I had the card for almost an year so i did go ahead and cancel it , that was a month ago and it have not seen any claw back from Chase/united , i am monitoring my united account daily .. will see

  15. macbookguy

    macbookguy Silver Member

    I can't speak to the post-merger cards but the pre-merger cards the miles stayed yours as long as you were 6+ months.

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