can't find Hilton points expiration on HHonors site

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  1. aviator8

    aviator8 Silver Member

    My Hilton points will expire in Oct. I did two things to extend that but according to award wallet even though both things i did resulted in point posting my expiry date remains the same. I am not sure if award wallet is reporting the expiration correctly. I went to log into HHonors to see what they say and can not find the points expiration date anywhere. Can someone direct me to where it is?

    To extend:
    I did a transfer from e-rewards to Hilton
    bought something through their click through mall for points

    I was under the impression that either of these would extend my expiration date but it has not changed in Award Wallet at all. The odd thing is the points are in my account but no points activity is shown at all for either posting in my HHonors page.

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  2. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    Huh. I can't find it either.
  3. Jeanne23

    Jeanne23 Silver Member

    I'm sure that Award Wallet is just wrong. When you go to All Points Activity, just add a year to the newest thing that posted, and that's your expiration date.

    As long as you have activity (either earned or redeemed) on that list, you expire exactly one year afterwards.

    Hope this helps!
  4. aviator8

    aviator8 Silver Member

    thats what i thought however when i go to all points activity there is nothing listed, even though points have posted twice in the last month.
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  5. miles and smiles
    • Original Member

    miles and smiles Gold Member

    From the website:

    Hilton HHonors points do not expire as long as members remain active in the program. To keep an account active, members can stay at one of Hilton Worldwide's hotels, or earn or redeem HHonors points within 12 months.
  6. travelingmore
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    travelingmore Gold Member

    This morning, the points from the HHonors accounts for each family member were zeroed out. I called Hilton, and the cust. rep. can see the points are still there, saying "there is a website problem" -- yes. Also, last week I could not see the "recent activity" list in two of the accounts - again, calling in and checking, they could see the activity in their view of the system. I look forward to them fixing the site -
  7. iolaire
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    iolaire Gold Member

    My award wallet account zeroed out my Hilton points some time this month, likly because of what you are seeing, I only notecied it when I saw the as new points in award wallet, so it must be fixing itself.
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  8. Terry Yap

    Terry Yap Gold Member

    yes, happens from time to time from my observations, similarly noticed the changes using Award Wallet. Read on Twitter, from @Hilton Honoursthat this is due to system maintenance. points return after a couple of days..Still, feels like a roller coaster ride sometimes though, to see everything in your account reset to zero, not too good for the faint hearted...
  9. rdudaddy

    rdudaddy Active Member

    I have brought this to their attention through Twitter two times (the fact that their website shows no transactions now at all) for two months and they keep saying "we are aware of the problem and our IT is working on it." Since it was functionality they had before, I don't understand what they have been doing for two months. I know I have activity this year, but it would be nice to not have rely on my own records or always call customer service. Come on Hilton, you have a fast expiration, but don't even allow your members to see their activity or show their expiration date???
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  10. Jenny & Curt
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    Jenny & Curt Gold Member

    Same problem here. Both DH and I did check-ins at Doubletree Hotels through Foursquare. I, a Hilton Gold and CC holder, got the 50 points and it extended my date. DH got the points, but no extension. I called CS, and they said that activity doesn't extend the date. I purchased something through the mall for him, but those points haven't posted yet. This is really annoying.
  11. Sweet Willie
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    Sweet Willie Gold Member

    I'll be darned, I haven't had any activity since Nov of 2012 and do not have any current plans for Hilton stays due to IHG's Big Win promo, so I would have lost out on a few hundred thousand HHonors.

    Guess it is time to pull out the Hilton AMEX & get some spend this month.

    Big Thanks Aviator8 for starting this thread !
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  12. miles and smiles
    • Original Member

    miles and smiles Gold Member

    Personally I feel it's good to use all of my credit cards at least once every six months. Anyway, I used every one of them in August, so I am go to go for a while. Sometimes a spend of $1 is all it takes. :)
  13. aviator8

    aviator8 Silver Member

    funny thing is I called in to HHonors to talk to them about not being able to see any points expiration. The guy said that even though I could not see anything in the account activity he saw that there was activity, but could not see an expiration either. He kept assuring me that the expiration would be 12 months from the last activity. That kind of stuff leaves me hanging not knowing if it is in fact recorded correctly or not. He offered to notate the account that I had called about this and that come October my points should not disappear. If they do call back and have the next csr pull up his notes and reinstate the points.

    The fact that such large scale public facing companies can't keep basics of account management/award searchability (delta)/website glitches that have been publicly reported for years (SWA) in order is crazy. I am an IT consultant, and have worked in IT for 20 years or so. I would have been fired for such blatant mismanagement for so long. Internally things are constantly changing, and there are alot of things to keep cleaned up, fix, migrate to new technology, upgrade, redesign, etc. But it is unacceptable in my work to have public customer facing technology in a state of disarray. 2 months, 5-10 years!!! really 1 day of an issue to the customer is an eternity where I work, Maybe I should go play on lazy street and get an IT job with one of these companies.

    I'll get off my soapbox now.
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  14. Carter29072

    Carter29072 Active Member

    I have never been able to see my points activity on the Hilton Honors website. I see my points balance but I have never been able to see the breakdown of the points activity. I have called about it several times and the CSR sent a not to their IT dept. I got an email several weeks later that explained they were aware of the problem. It is unacceptable that they are aware of the problem but nothing is being done for it. Pretty much my points come from credit cards. I have a good bit of points. So does my husband.
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  15. bigx0

    bigx0 Gold Member

    I can't find expiration either but Award Wallet seems to be able to find it. I don't think they just calculate it based upon activity since once I had activity yet the expiration date was less than one year beyond that (it caught up after a couple of days). Maybe there is a different interface somehow which Award Wallet uses.
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  16. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    I believe that Award Wallet simply figures out the expiration date based on the date that the most recent activity posted at HHonors. My last activity shown in my HHonors account is Sep 10, 2013 and Award Wallet correctly shows the expiration date as Sept 10, 2014. Any discrepancies between the two could be due to differences in "refresh rate" or to the fact the info at the HHonors site might be temporarily unavailable - a frequent occurrence that leads to one's total points showing up at times as zero in Award Wallet as happened on July 21 and August 11 in my AW chart below:

  17. Jenny & Curt
    • Original Member

    Jenny & Curt Gold Member

    Good theory, but, for us, no. DH's last activity (on Hhonors and Award Wallet) was, for argument's sake, yesterday. Earning some miles for checking in at a Double tree on Foursquare. My last activity (also on both) was the same. Award Wallet and Hilton (learned by calling them) show DH's miles as expiring next month -- and mine as September 2014. :-(
  18. Mirror74

    Mirror74 Gold Member

    I believe that HH expiration date in one year from last paid stay at any Hilton group hotel.
  19. Jenny & Curt
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    Jenny & Curt Gold Member

    But the T&C say:
    Hilton HHonors points do not expire as long as members remain active in the program. To keep an account active, members can stay at one of Hilton Worldwide's hotels, or earn or redeem HHonors points within 12 months.
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  20. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    This does not refute my theory at all. Award Wallet will grab whatever is at HHonors. If you called HHonors and they got the date wrong, then Award Wallet will get it wrong as well. The problem may be specific to an account at HHonors and not system-wide or with AW. One also has to remember to "update" AW to get the latest information instead of information that was current whenever AW ran automatically.
  21. Jenny & Curt
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    Jenny & Curt Gold Member

    I called Hilton again today on DH's behalf, after some points had posted from a shopping portal. CS rep said there were some accounts that were having posting troubles, and that she would report that DH's was one of those, and that the shopping mall activity was qualifying.
  22. Sweet Willie
    • Original Member

    Sweet Willie Gold Member

    not true.

    Per Jenny & Curt's post of the T&Cs above, a stay is not required, any point redeeming or earning (like earning from HHonors credit card) will reset the 12 month expiration timeframe:
    I've had other reasons to contact HHonors agents in the past couple days, I went ahead and asked if an expiration date was listed when I log into my HHonors acct. Both agents were quite aware that members want a definitive statement when logging into their account showing an expiration date and that something is in the works.
    seems like a very sage policy
  23. moongoddess

    moongoddess Silver Member

    I put an inexpensive recurring monthly charge (like a small charitable donation) on each of my credit cards. Not only does it keep points and miles from inadvertently expiring, it makes it less likely that an issuing bank will decide to cancel one of my sock drawer cards due to lack of use. I figure it's an easy safety precaution.

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