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    Total Rewards (Caesars Entertainment formerly Harrah's)

    Tier Levels :
    Gold (base)
    Platinum (4,000 base/tier credits)
    Diamond (11,000 base/tier credits)
    Seven Stars (100,000 base/tier credits)

    Your Tier Score is a running total for the year of tier credits earned, and determines your level.
    Tier credit earning is based on the calendar year, but status (Gold/Platinum/Diamond) runs until March of the following year.

    LINK to Tier Benefits Page

    How you earn Tier Credits
    • $5 ($5.50 in Canada) coin-in on reel slot machines = one Tier Credit
    • $10 ($11.00 in Canada) coin-in on Video Poker = one Tier Credit
    • For table games and other game types you will earn Tier Credits based on your length of play, average bet and the type of game. (translation = secret)
    • $5 ($5.50 in Canada) in entertainment spend = one Base Reward Credit
    Bonus Reward Credits (also referred to as RCs, and similar to RDMs in mileage-speak)

    You now earn with casino play and also non-gaming (hotel, F&B, spa) spend

    For gaming activity, Bonus Reward Credits are earned as you play. You will earn Bonus Reward Credits based on your length of play, average bet and the type of game. (translation = secret)

    For entertainment purchases, every $1 ($1.10 in Canada) you spend = 1 Bonus Reward Credit, and your 5th ($5.50 in Canada) dollar becomes a Base Reward Credit, which also counts towards your Tier Score!

    Valuation of Bonus Reward Credits
    1000 RCs (Reward Credits) = $10.00
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    Fast-track to status.

    DIAD (Diamond in a Day) : 3000 base (tier)
    PIAD (Platinum in a Day) : 2000 base (tier)

    Per Atlantic City operations :
    • These thresholds are accurate as of January 2, 2011.
    • It is believed, that you can earn DIAD AND PIAD at all Caesars Entertainment properties nationwide.
    • It is believed that the 3000/2000 (DIAD/PIAD) earning is consistent at all properties nationwide.
    • Gaming day definitely varies from property to property (always verify before starting a challenge).
    • As with most casino offers/promotions, always verify (and document) before proceeding with the challenge.
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  4. baccarat_guy
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    I've seen DIAD listed as both 3K and 4K. Glad to hear that 3K is holding.

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    Many Total Reward boothlings also believe that it is 4K. I can provide an official Caesars email, stating what I list above. But, unfortunately, the email is from fall 2010 and only references the Atlantic City market. I strongly urged anyone planning on doing the challenge to email Total Rewards (through their website), and get firm documentation for the property where they plan to do DIAD or PIAD.
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    I am a huge fan of Total Rewards, always treated well. I never get higher than Diamond, but I can dream... and I've never done it in a day. Maybe one day. It makes sense to do it that way, but I'd need to plan ahead (understatement)
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  8. DLNYC
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    Any of you also members of MLife (Player's Club)? Left Vegas Sunday and learned I was a mere 163 tier points from making Pearl. [​IMG]
  9. travelfree
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    I had a Total Rewards Visa credit card for many years (no annual fee) to supplement my TR points and keep my points alive.

    I primarily use my points for free food.
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  10. baccarat_guy
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    Many of the casino gaming folks are; we need to create a thread for Mlife. Unfortunately, I'm far from expert on that subject.

    Paging kingalien [​IMG]
  11. noam
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    Hmm... Can I get DIAD by charging a certain amount to a TR credit card in a day? [​IMG]
  12. baccarat_guy
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    Technically (I'm assuming), you could get it by charging a certain amount to a room folio; since room charges earn RCs and Tier. [​IMG] But, I don't even want to consider how many $$$$ you would have to spend to earn 3000 Tier.

    $500 slot machines do the 'trick' rather rapidly. [​IMG]
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    Also, if you earn DIAD, it is best to do it at the start of the year to get the most benefit. Total Rewards levels earned through DIAD/PIAD are valid until March 31 of the following year, while Total Rewards levels earned the regular way are valid until March 31 of the year after that. For example, if you earned 4,000 RC today, you would be Diamond until March 31, 2012, and Platinum until March 31, 2013, with no further action.

    The best way to get to DIAD/PIAD is video poker, but full pay video poker is hard to find at Harrah's. Strangely the best video poker in the Harrah's system may be at the Harrah's Rincon Indian casino north of San Diego.
  14. baccarat_guy
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    Atlantic City has a selection of VP that is playable; in varying denominations.

    I did my DIAD on Sunday, January 2nd during a 7X multiplier day at Bally's. So, the 3000 tier also earned 21,000 RCs from the multiplier (21,000 RCs = $210.00) + another $120 from the $10 per 250 tier promotion that was stacked on top of the 7X multiplier. The combination of re-upping Diamond till 03/2012 and the 7X multiplier was enough of an enticement for me.
  15. ariyo15
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    I didn't requalif for diamond this past year. But, I haven't seen a drop in status. Did I get lucky? Anyone else have that happen??
  16. baccarat_guy
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    Status runs through 03/2011. So, any status drop would be reflected 04/01/2011.
  17. hulagrrl210
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    Just dropped from Plat back down to gold, but am still getting a lot of free rooms at Tahoe/Reno/Vegas. The only thing i really miss was being able to cut a line occasionally (at check in or the buffet). While my points have never really gotten me anything other than a free starbucks coffee or a few dollars taken off my bill at checkout, the offers that I get for free rooms are incredibly valuable.
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    I have never been higher than Gold but I have been getting the free room offers. I completely agree about the points being worthless, especially for someone who doesn't bet multi-thousand $$$. After a week in LAS, playing every day, eating at Harrahs' restaurants, and going to a show at the Paris, I wound up with roughly $13 in points -- just enough to buy a box of chocolates in the gift shop at the Flamingo.
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    Free rooms are based on your THEO, technically your 'theoretical loss.' This is the common way casinos determine your worth. The 'higher' the THEO (or ADT, which mean Average Daily Theoretical) the more valuable you are to the casino, and the better the offers (rooms, tournaments, junkets, gifts etc. etc.).

    In theory, a Gold Player, can get better rooms offers (availability) than a Platinum Player if the Gold Player has a better ADT. Of course, usually, the Platinum/Diamond/7* players have higher ADTs, but NOT always. A lot has to do with play patterns, and the type of games played.

    CET is very generous with free rooms, and has the best website for booking (and reviewing) you comp room possibilities.

    TR is notorious for NOT rewarding tables players with many tier (or RCs) points. Your really have to average well over $100 at tables, exceeding 4 hours of play per day to rack up anything substantial. They are often, by the book for smaller players in Vegas (at TR properties); but you can often get discretionary (i.e. comps for more than you actually earned during a session) in Atlantic City, of course, a bit YMMV.

    The vast majority of my RCs (reward credits) are earned on Atlantic City multiplier days, in which I often earn $200 to $300 in 'banked' comp dollars (RCs), per day of (multiplier) play.
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    Very true! My wife and I, both Gold members, discovered that if we attach both of our account numbers to a room reservation, we get a significantly lower rate than if only one account was attached.
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    Okay, I will be getting to LAS on Wednesday and will be spending a week there. I took a suite at the Hilton Grand Vacations (Flamingo) so while I will be getting mucho HHonors points it is going to do zilch for me as far as Total Rewards is concerned.

    In all honesty, the Total Rewards program is pretty much valueless for me. I don't get to Vegas often enough, nor do I bet high enough, so that the points ever get me more than a free lunch near the end of the week.

    Is there any other program that I would be better off joining?
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