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    Currently inside TPR on an extensive layover waiting for our 1:30pm connecting flight to HKG. We arrived earlier this morning from SQ377 in F ex-MXP. Here is the menu of that flight we took:

    SQ377 First Class: MXP-SIN (January 2012)
    From Milan to Singapore

    with Onion, Cucumber and Spicy Peanut Sauce

    Antipasto Plate
    Marinated Scallops, Parma with Endive, Tomato Mozzarella

    Duck Foie Gras Coated with Breadcrumb Allspice, Raisin-pear Chutney and Mesclun

    Cream of Celery Soup Garnished with Blue Cheese

    Oriental Clear Chicken Broth with Spinach

    White Chicory and Rucola with Roasted Pumpkin
    Balsamic Herb Dressing
    Thousand Island Dressing

    Main Courses
    Beef Fillet with Mushroom Duxelle, Madeira Wine Sauce, Steamed Vegetables and Gratinated Potato

    Braised Halibut in Black Pepper Sauce, Seasonal Vegetables and Fried Rice

    Chicken Breast with Brioche Stuffing, Roasted Vegetables and Risotto Potatoes

    Egg Noodles in Broth with Sliced Pork and Chinese Greens

    Gnocchi with Roasted Pumpkin, Arugula, Pecorino Cheese

    Cheesecake with Raspberry Mirror, Fresh Raspberry, Raspberry Sorbet

    Citrus Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit Coulis

    Selection of Dana Blue, Montasio, Brie and Grana Padano Cheeses Served with Garnishes

    Fresh Fruits in Season

    A Selection of Gourmet Coffees & Fine Teas Served with Pralines

    From Milan to Singapore

    To Start With
    A Choice of Apple, Tomato or Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

    Fresh Fruit Plate

    Choice of Cereal or Yoghurt
    Cornflakes with Milk or Birchermuesli
    Plain or Fruit Yoghurt

    Wholesome Beginnings
    Chicken Congee
    Shredded Chicken in Rice Porridge with Chinese Crullers

    European Breakfast
    Cold Ham with Cheese, Warm Pork Sausage and Scrambled Eggs Prepared On-board

    Braised Udon Noodles with Seafood, Black Mushrooms and Chinese Greens

    Fresh Eggs Prepared On-board (Baked, Broiled, or Scrambled)
    with your Choice of Ham Steak, Chicken Sausage, Vine-ripened Tomato and Mushrooms

    From the Bakery
    Assorted Breakfast Pastries and Bread with Butter, Jam, Marmalade or Honey

    A Selection of Gourmet Coffees & Fine Teas

    As you can see above, caviar was not an option for the two appetisers listed. This is not a rant by any means and overall we had great service and the meals we chose were also very good (I especially enjoyed the chicken breast). But rather, I was curious as to why caviar wasn’t an option on our long haul full lunch service. This caught my attention given the fact that SQ had eliminated caviar for many long haul supper service routes for quite some time already and was curious if they plan to do the same for a long haul lunch.

    I spoke to both the LS and IFS regarding this situation and both politely explained that for this particular sector, they are not providing caviar. However, they told me the company has not gone the route of eradicating that appetiser for all F services. Nonetheless in the past, all my long haul SQ F experiences that served either a full lunch or full dinner service had caviar as an appetiser option. The other European flights I’ve taken previously ex-LHR, CDG and ZRH that featured the full lunch or full dinner service in the past all had caviar. On the other hand, this was my first time flying ex-MXP on SQ F. Hence I don’t know if ex-MXP flights in the previous years had served caviar or not. If not perhaps SQ sees MXP as less of a premium route (even though they are offering F for the route) compared to LHR/CDG/ZRH? Anyways unless they make changes by then, don’t expect any caviar to be served if you plan on flying F ex-MXP even though there is a full lunch.

    I’m not saying I “extremely” adore the taste of those Malossol Caviar they serve and would go out of my way to always order it as an appetiser for all my F flights if available. But it will be sad to see if more and more long haul routes do indeed loose it as a result if they do resort to more cost cutting.

    Has anyone else been on a F long haul flight for another route recently where SQ served either a full lunch or full dinner but did not have caviar on the menu at all?
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    Thanks for the heads-up and for typing up the entire menu. I remember until 2-3 years ago SQ even used to serve caviar in F on SIN-HKG vv routes.
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    SFO flights via HKG doesn't have it... The only one I remembered being served caviar was the LAX-NRT-SIN flight. I can't seem to remember if they served caviar on the SIN-FRA-JFK flight.

    I am truly concerned about the state of SQ as it becomes less and less 'premium' than what I paid for..
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    Only 1 of my recent 4 SQ F longhaul flights had caviar. Lunch menu had it, dinner, supper and sleeper menus did not.
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    There was no caviar on this flight last year, reason given was the ex-SIN leg was a supper service and the ex-FRA leg was a breakfast service. Of course I had already had a full breakfast before landing in FRA so its a little odd to have another breakfast service for those flying all the way to JFK. I have not flown the return and I believe that caviar is served on that.
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    I guess I will have to experience this myself in 5 months.. :D
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  7. OnTehWings
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    SQ does not serve Caviar in C correct?
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  8. cennas
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    Yes, correct.
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  9. SQ LPP
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    Just an up date. The same flight as the OP this month has caviar on board! :)
    But antipasto and foie gras are my favorite as well. ;)
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    Ugh... Oh well... I hope SQ C lives up to its' reputation then.
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  11. SQ LPP
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    I have limited experience in flying. But as far as I recalled, there is no airlines serves caviar in C class.

    Always happy to be home on SQ C. :)
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    I happen to be speechless about this comment.. One cannot be a SQ Lifetime Solitaire without flying a whole lot can't you? :p
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    I don't think it is what it once was, but still much better compared to other airlines' C or even F ;)
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    The service and BTC are great, but I was never impressed with the 2-3-2 business class angled flat seats on the 747. It's miserable when there is someone in the middle seat.
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    Hence why only the F in the 744s are the best.. ;)
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    Avoided on the upper deck exit row. ;)
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    This thread is currently neck and neck with the "Is Dom no longer the welcome drink????" thread over on the Thai forum for the "First world problem gold medal" award I'm going to hand out at the end of this year.
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    Clearly TG pax have it worse. SQ F pax get a choice of dom or krug for pre-departure drinks.
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